The Flash: First Look At New Meta Janet Petty Is Pretty Creepy

The Flash has been off the airwaves for the past few weeks, and fans have been left wondering what's to come with the two remaining bus metahumans that The Thinker still needs to complete his plans. Before the break, not much about the metas was confirmed beyond their names: Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss. Petty will make her appearance in the next episode as a sassy jewel thief known as Null, and The CW has officially released some creepy first-look images at what she'll bring to Central City. Check her out!

the flash season 4 janet petty null bethany brown

(Image credit: Image courtesy of The CW)

Well, we may not know too many plot details at this point, but I'd say that it's safe to expect Janet Petty is a successful jewel thief as Null! In this image, she's holding a crown so ornate that she almost certainly snagged it from a museum or private collection of a very wealthy person. Given that she's not exactly inconspicuous with her blue hair and she doesn't seem to be bothering with a mask or cowl to try and conceal her identity, her powers must be incredibly effective at letting her get away with her crimes. Sure, her outfit seems to be made of camouflage material. Still, it's not like camo will help her blend into the streets of Central City.

Assuming the Flash version of Null is similar to the DC Comics version of Null, her powers will enable her to manipulate gravity. Judging by the trailer for the episode, she'll use those powers to float Barry around very inconveniently (and dangerously) when he and Team Flash try to stop her. They may also try to recruit her to their side since she's one of the bus metas being sought by The Thinker. Her abilities would undoubtedly make her an asset to Team Flash, and the fact that she's being hunted by a genius supervillain with meta-absorbing powers could be sufficient motivation for her to give up her criminal ways and help the good guys.

Even if she does ultimately team up with the good guys, it looks like we can count on her causing a lot of trouble beforehand. The CW also released a photo that gives a better look at Null's outfit, possibly right before she gets her hands on the crown:

the flash janet petty null season 4 the cw bethany brown

(Image credit: Image courtesy of The CW)

The camouflage look isn't just a shirt. As Null, Janet Petty will evidently wear what appears to be a jumpsuit to cause trouble. It should be interesting to discover if the outfit is actually her uniform from a kind of job that requires coveralls or if it's an aesthetic choice for committing crimes. Who says fashion can't also be important to jewel thieves? They spend all their time thieving!

Tune in to The CW on Tuesday, April 10 at 8 p.m. ET to catch Janet Petty as Null on The Flash. Null will be a recurring character, so she won't be one-and-done in the episode. Hopefully the season won't end before delivering some answers on the identity of that Mystery Girl. We have some theories about her identity, but it would be nice to know for sure who she is and what she wants. Our superhero TV premiere list can guide you toward more superhero options on the small screen, and our midseason TV premiere schedule and summer TV premiere rundown can help you plan what to watch in the coming weeks.

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