Jersey Shore Family Vacation Finally Explained Why The Situation Headbutted The Wall

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Warning, the following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Read at your own risk!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation has shown a new side of the Jersey Shore cast, but even with their new looks and outlooks on life, it's hard for them not to dredge up their pasts. While some like Ronnie Ortiz-Magro are reminiscing on failed romances, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is revisiting the moments he's not proud of. In a candid moment, Sorrentino shared with JWoww that he knew he had a problem with drugs and alcohol when he headed into Season 4 of Jersey Shore and attempted to quit. Sorrentino said that effort led to the famous incident where he headbutted a wall:

When I was getting into those figthts with Ronnie I was practically [withdrawing] and I didn't want to admit it at the time. And then I had a really good idea to bang my head against the wall.

Mike Sorrentino opened up to Jenni "JWoww" Farley not long after she admitted that she had a miscarriage just prior to Jersey Shore Season 4, which was the same season that featured the headbutting incident. JWoww admitted she was a wreck, which opened up Sorrentino to admitting he tried to quit his addictions cold turkey on his own terms. Sorrentino was able to stave off some of his demons, but it led to an increased irritability and instability that led to the breaking point between him and housemate Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Sorrentino mentioned that while he's not proud of the moment, and it inevitably led to him realizing he couldn't help himself on his own. Thus began the rehab, which transformed The Situation into the radically different individual shown on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

The event transformed Mike Sorrentino, and while he definitely seems grateful it set him on the path he's on now, he still regrets the headbutting the wall. Sorrentino shared some additional insight as to why the ridiculous event happened, which left the Jersey Shore castmember concussed and with a neck sprain:

I didn't realize that wall was cement. I thought it was sheetrock. You have no idea, I put a lot of commitment into going through that wall because I was trying to go through it.

Surprisingly, The Situation's explanation makes sense. While slamming your head into a concrete wall is devastating, slamming it through drywall wouldn't be all that big a deal in comparison. Provided he didn't ram his head into a beam just behind it, the head slam would've freaked everyone out, made for great television, and left The Situation largely unscathed. It's not the best logic, but considering what Mike Sorrentino said he was going through in Season 4 of Jersey Shore during his revelation on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, it's not all that surprising he would think that's a logical thing to do.

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