Young Spock Confirmed For Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

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When the USS Enterprise showed up in the Season 1 finale of Star Trek: Discovery, fans immediately began hounding the show's crew to find out whether or not Spock would appear in the new series. Now, we're receiving confirmation that Spock will, indeed, be featured in the new season, although perhaps not in the way everyone was hoping for. Star Trek director and former The Next Generation actor Jonathan Frakes once again spilled the beans and stated a young Spock will be making an appearance in Season 2:

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Jonathan Frakes kept his streak alive of revealing spoilers related to Star Trek: Discovery and revealed young Spock will make an appearance in Episode 2 in the upcoming season. The information had been teased by leading lady Sonequa Martin-Green months prior, but Frakes' reveal gave an exact timetable on how long folks will have to wait until they see Spock. Frakes also confirmed to those at the El Paso Comic Con (via Justin Oser) that the young Spock he was referring to will be seen in flashbacks, which will also feature a young Burnham.

The fact that a young Burnham will be around appears to mean that whatever scenes Jonathan Frakes is shooting for his Star Trek: Discovery episode will take place when the two are children. Young Spock's appearance in episode 2 would also seem to confirm the USS Discovery's encounter with the USS Enterprise won't be a one and done episode, but what does it mean in regards to adult Spock? Will an older version of the character not be shown in the encounter, and if he will be, why did Frakes not mention it?

Based on what we know so far about this situation, it sounds as though Spock is not on speaking terms with his adopted sister Michael Burnham or his father, Sarek. Sarek's issues with Spock choosing Starfleet over the Vulcan Science Academy and the tension it caused between the two is canon, and Burnham teased there is a reason Spock never mentioned his adopted sister. We can only speculate the reasons why Spock never made mention of Burnham, but given that the showrunners have confirmed they aren't looking to recast the adult version of Spock, we can assume whatever happened is serious enough that the Vulcan might choose not to see her during the story arc.

There is no solid timeframe for when Star Trek: Discovery will premiere Season 2 on CBS All Access, but it's been said the show is hoping to premiere in the early part of 2019. For a list of shows to watch in the meantime, head on over to our midseason premiere guide, summer premiere guide and, for more in streaming, our Netflix premiere guide.

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