That Creepy Chic Moment Riverdale Fans May Have Missed During The Carrie Episode

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Riverdale episode "A Night To Remember." Read at your own risk!

Riverdale's episode "A Night To Remember," featured the return of the Black Hood, as the town's serial killer announced his comeback during the school production of Carrie: The Musical by murdering Midge Klump. The murder and note written in blood sent folks screaming and on the run, but there was a split second reveal fans might have missed during the episode that could blow this new mystery wide open. As the townsfolk panicked and rushed for the exits, Jughead's camera managed to capture Riverdale's creepiest resident Chic Cooper looking cool as a super creepy cucumber in his chair:

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Riverdale fans knew Chic was a deranged freak, but this moment really sent the character over the top. After all, this is the same boy who was a blubbering crying mess when he killed that drug dealer who was trying to attack Alice. Of course, Chic bounced back from that incident the very next morning, and judging from this moment, those tears and panic from before might have just been a well-rehearsed show. Is it possible Chic isn't as opposed to killing as he initially led on, and he was the person who killed Midge Klump?

Chic was certainly backstage and had the opportunity to do so, but the evidence that he is the Black Hood is weak. Chic is certainly a weird dude, but his freak flag really only seems to fly when it involves the Cooper family. Additionally, Chic is nowhere close to the same build as the person who shot Fred Andrews, so he's almost certainly not the true Black Hood. That said, with the Black Hood returned and his imposter Joseph Svenson still dead, could the actual Black Hood be enlisting people like Chic to do his bidding?

That's definitely a possibility, and Chic's recruitment may be his motive for killing Midge and delivering that message to the town of Riverdale. Fans may remember from past Riverdale episodes that the Black Hood seemed to be trying to persuade Betty to join him, and it looks like he might have gotten through to the son of Alice Cooper after the family kicked him out of the house. Desperate for a place to stay and perhaps also seeking acceptance, Chic sided with the Black Hood in order to achieve both.

Chic being a disciple of the Black Hood is not surprising, and if Riverdale fans really sit and think about it, he might not be the only one. If the Black Hood were someone pulling the strings over the phone, and only blackmailing others to kill for him, that would explain why it's nearly impossible to peg down one suspect with certainty. It would also explain why some attempts have been more successful than others, since the Black Hood is anything but consistent when it comes to finishing the job. Chic surely has more answers as to what's going on, and knowing how Betty and Jughead operate, it won't take long to at least get the reason why he was so calm out of him.

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