What Riverdale's Latest Death Could Mean About The Black Hood

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Riverdale's "A Night To Remember." Read at your own risk!

The Black Hood is back on Riverdale, and this time, it's personal? Fans may not know for sure as the show's resurrected serial killer announced his return with a particularly brutal killing of Midge Klump for the whole world to see. The murder definitely showed that the Black Hood is not playing games this time around, but there was also something different about this death in particular that could reveal a very important detail about him. Specifically, the Black Hood has to be someone the folks of Riverdale trust, otherwise, how would he pull that off?

Whoever was able to murder Midge Klump backstage during the show's opening night had to be someone who had a reason to be back there, and someone Midge was comfortable with seeing. Most of the characters we suspected to be the Black Hood were at Riverdale High's opening night of Carrie The Musical, and two of those suspects were specifically seen backstage while the Riverdale kids were getting ready. Of course, everyone already knows Chic is an immediate suspect due to his creepiness and sudden emergence at the play after being unreachable for a time. Still, did anyone else notice Sheriff Keller slowly making his way around in the background?

Sheriff Keller's son Kevin was directing the musical, but beyond that, there was really no reason for the sheriff to be back there. It was slightly suspicious out of all the things Riverdale tried to draw viewer's attention to leading up to Midge's death, the Sheriff's presence was not one of them. What was he doing backstage if he wasn't helping Kevin rally the crew together, or you know, making sure people like Midge weren't getting murdered just out of earshot?

Sheriff Keller and Chic are both really easy to finger for this crime, although their motives are a bit confusing considering the events that took place earlier in the episode. For example, why would either character care that Cheryl Blossom is playing the part of Carrie? It's possible that plot point was simply a red herring and it really was Ethel Muggs trying to sabotage Cheryl's spotlight. Given some of the recent revelations about Ms. Blossom, it's possible the Black Hood wanted her out of the role due to her sexual orientation.

That statement falls in line with the Black Hood's love for hardline traditional values and hatred for anything else but would make Sheriff Keller being the Black Hood problematic seeing as his son Kevin is openly gay. Chic still fits the bill just due to his creep factor. With a face as creepy as his, it's hard not to be blamed for stuff like murder. Was there anyone else around that could've done the deed, had a motive and was backstage prior to the show?

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