5 Riverdale Characters That We Suspect Could Be The Black Hood

There's a killer on the loose on Riverdale, and fans of the series have been racking their brains to figure out who it may be. Who would try to kill Fred Andrews, Moose, Midge, Ethel and successfully kill Miss Grundy? We're not entirely sure ourselves, but we do have a few characters who we suspect could be the Black Hood. Check out our lineup and see which one seems to be the most likely culprit.

Hiram Lodge Mark Consuelos Riverdale The CW

Hiram Lodge

There are no two ways about it, Hiram Lodge is a bad dude. He claims he's a changed man to his daughter Veronica, but after lying to her about purchasing Pop's Diner after she flat out asked him if he did, we're not so sure we can trust anything he says. Hiram would definitely have beef against Fred Andrews for sleeping with his wife Hermione (assuming he knows about that), and he seems way too curious about the vigilante squad Archie's rounding up to find the killer. The motive is there (minus the attempted killings of Moose, Midge, and Ethel), and history of being a white collar criminal is there, although Hiram Lodge has far too much money to personally dirty his hands. Still, it's best to keep an eye on Riverdale's resident big-time criminal because he's definitely up to something.

Hal Cooper Lochlyn Munro Riverdale The CW

Hal Cooper

The father of Betty Cooper hasn't been shown much in Season 2 of Riverdale, and this could be the reason why. Some have already pointed out that Hal has the same build as the killer, and minus the glowing green eyes, he's a dead ringer. As far as motive, Hal doesn't have a personal beef with Archie's dad or any of the victims, but we know he was ashamed enough of his own daughter Polly's pregnancy to send her away into hiding. Granted, some of that was due to the Blossom family connection Polly and Jason shared, but if he's only THAT tolerant of his own flesh and blood, who's to say he wouldn't go crazier on people he's not related to? There's also the angle of wanting to keep the newspaper fresh with crazy headlines, and killing random people in town is sure to push papers!

Sheriff Keller Martin Cummins Riverdale The CW

Sheriff Keller

As head of the investigation in the Riverdale murders, Sheriff Keller seems opposed to any help regarding the case. It was Keller who refused to admit that the killings/attacks are linked, and it was Keller who requested a media blackout on the Black Hood's letter that the Cooper's received. Granted, the latter could just be a small town sheriff wanting to prevent chaos, but Keller seems to be hurting the investigation more at this point than he's helping it. There was also that scene with his son Kevin where he had a conversation with him about staying out of the woods. It played out as a sweet moment between father and son, and while it could've been, it could've also been a deranged psychopath trying to prevent killing his son. Keller hasn't shown any distaste towards the victims, so the motive is admittedly shaky here.

Hart Denton Lethal Weapon Fox


For those unaware, Betty will be meeting her long-lost brother this season. Chic (who will be portrayed by actor Hart Denton) was given up at birth by Betty's mom in her teens, and has been off doing who knows what prior to arriving on Riverdale. It's really hard to spin a motive (since we haven't met him), but maybe his adoptive parents were ultra conservative to the point of radicalism? A twisted psychopath, Chic could be slaying the people of Riverdale who are up to no good. That being said, an outsider wouldn't necessarily be in the know of Fred and Hermione's fling, and what did Ethel do to anyone to deserve any of this this? We also know so little about Chic at this point that it's impossible to say whether or not he's the murderer, but we have our eye on him.

Miss Grundy Black Hood Killer Sarah Habel Riverdale The CW

Miss Grundy's Ex

Miss Grundy, the teacher who resigned after her fling with Archie was revealed, is someone that hasn't been mentioned much up to now and with good reason. Her death doesn't tie too well into anyone's motive, unless that motive is to take revenge on Archie Andrews by trying to kill his dad and then killing his ex. When she wasn't sucking face with Archie, Grundy revealed she had an abusive ex-husband. Sheriff Keller did explicitly say when Archie asked that Grundy's ex did have an alibi for the day of the murder, but wouldn't any murderer as calculated as this have one? Not only that, but since when is anyone taking the detective work of Sheriff Keller seriously after what happened to Jason Blossom? There's also no motive to go after Midge, Moose or Ethel, either, so perhaps Keller was right to dismiss him.

Is there anyone we missed that could be a potential suspect? Share your thoughts below on that or how the sweet Ethel got wrapped up into all of this and get set for a new Riverdale November 1st at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more on the series, read here about how KJ Apa got in a dangerous car accident following a long day of filming on set. For more on other fall shows this season and when they're expected to premiere or return, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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