The Blacklist Season Finale Will Feature A Hilariously Bizarre Cameo, And More Familar Faces

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The Blacklist is quickly approaching its Season 5 finale, and the show's staff is pulling a big star to appear in the episode. As big as he may be, however, the fact that the series has tapped legendary filmmaker/producer/actor John Waters for a cameo is hilariously bizarre. Waters will apparently rub shoulders with Reddington before Season 5 is up and will be just one of some other familiar faces. Actor Julian Sands guest stars in addition to some other past returning characters who find their way into the Season 5 finale.

John Waters will play himself on The Blacklist, which somehow makes his appearance sound all the more entertaining. According to EW, Waters will only cross paths with Raymond Reddington and bond on their "unique sense of style." The banter between these two could be epic, even if it only lasts for a quick scene. James Spader and John Waters is a combination that few could have ever predicted in primetime, and fans may count themselves very lucky to witness them together in the finale.

John Waters' appearance in The Blacklist is significant, but he's just one of the significant performers to pop up in the finale, as the series will also bring in quite a few other actors. Julian Sands will also guest-star in the episode as corporate spy Sutton Ross. Raymond is not some lost soul swimming in a fishbowl to Ross; rather someone he's has had a grudge against for the past 30 years. Ross will finally make his move against Reddington which, according to his character description, will likely involve the stealing of some valuable information.

The Blacklist will still manage to surprise fans with a few more familiar faces that can't be revealed just yet. Whether that means Ryan Eggold will appear as the ghost of Tom Keen or some surprising villains from past episodes will work their way back into the mix is anyone's guess. One thing that was said is that these returns will be surprising and definitely characters that anyone who's been following the series will surely remember.

Of course, given that there's still no word on whether or not The Blacklist will be renewed for Season 6, fans might be more stressed than excited about the finale at this point. The show has grown in some fascinating (and somewhat heartbreaking) ways in Season 5, and it would be a shame if we didn't get to see what happens next in a Season 6. Only time will tell.

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