It's that time of the year where TV fans are getting butt cramps from being perched on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear if their favorite TV shows have been renewed or cancelled. Cable and streaming have obviously changed that game a bit, without being tied to traditional TV seasons, but little has changed in the broadcast network world. As such, the daylight savings time change usually brings about more nervousness than ever that all our beloved series could be going away forever.

Here, we're both celebrating some of the most captivating shows on TV as well as pleading for them to be in our lives for more years yet. And not like in a syndicated and airing reruns on TBS kind of way. We want all new seasons, and we want them in 5-7 months! Now let's kick things off with one of the wackiest shows to ever hit primetime. (If you want to see the shows not lucky enough to even get considered for this list, check out everything that got cancelled so far this year.)

Gotham - Fox

Comic book properties are all the rage on screens big and small, but there are no guarantees when it comes to high-concept Batman prequels in which Paul Reubens plays The Penguin's father. As such, Gotham has struggled mightily in the ratings game, and though it has maintained a core fanbase of Jerome-loving fanatics, that fanbase is not always up for tuning in to live episodes. And with Fox picking up NFL Thursday Night Football for the next five years, Gotham will need to carve out a new spot for itself somewhere on the schedule. And it absolutely needs to.

Chances of Renewal: Decent, but several other shows will probably need to fall for it to happen.

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