Why The American Chopper Reboot Was Problematic To Put Together

American Choppers reboot
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It has been around six years since the father-son reality series American Chopper graced television. Now the show is revving up to ride again. Like many series, American Chopper is getting the reboot treatment. While other shows have experienced smooth sailing in mounting their comebacks, American Chopper's experience has been a bit different. Craig Piligian, who executive produced the original series and now the revival, opened up about navigating the show's return, saying:

There was a lot of bad language between me and the two boys. But we were up there for about a day and a half, and eventually we agreed it would be best if I took over the show, and the other company stepped aside. But it was rough. It wasn't very much fun, and a lot of bad blood was spilled at the beginning of it all. And now everything's great. Reboots aren't that fucking fun, let me tell you.

Craig Piligian made the candid admission when he discussed the road to reviving American Chopper with Variety. Piligan, who executive produced the original series, was not originally slated to be involved with the reboot. That all changed when Discovery was displeased with how the reboot was coming along. Enter, or rather re-enter Piligan, who met with the series' stars, and ironed out his involvement in the revival with the father-son duo.

The American Chopper reboot is not the first time the show's stars have returned after some time away. The original series ran for seven years and six seasons. It premiered in March 2003 and ended in February 2010, and a spin-off was not far behind. In August 2010, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior premiered. The spin-off ran for two years before it concluded in 2012.

Like the original, the American Chopper reboot chronicles the lives and motorcycles of Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr., also known as Senior and Junior. The father-son pair's explosive arguments forever ingrained the series into pop culture. Despite their arguments and Senior and Junior going in separate directions, they still collaborate on bike restorations, as was seen in the reboot's preview episode "Welcome Back."

In what is arguably the first episode of the reboot, fans got a tease of what is on the horizon. The episode showed Senior and Junior continuing life in their separate shops. It has been ten years since the father and son dissolved their partnership and "Welcome Back," saw each of them struggling with different issues. Senior grappled with meeting a deadline at Orange County Choppers, while Junior worked on a bike in South Dakota. The episode eventually saw them unite to restore a vandalized bike.

The American Chopper reboot joins several other reality series making their return in 2018. MTV's Jersey Shore is in the midst of a highly triumphant return with its revival Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Like Jersey Shore, American Chopper will return to its original network, which hasn't always been the case for returning reality series. Queer Eye, which is a reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, airs on Netflix. The original series aired on Bravo. American Chopper will return on Discovery.

To watch more drama unfold between the Teutuls tune in for the rest of the revival. The season premiere of the American Chopper reboot debuts March 28 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery. Wondering what else is coming up on television? Find out what's new on Discovery and other channels by checking out our guides to TV's midseason and summer premieres.

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