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When Mulaney was cancelled, John Mulaney didn't feel it was his place to tell television audiences that he actually thought it was funny and they were wrong about his show. While Mulaney still doesn't feel like he can say the latter, he is taking a stronger stance in defending Mulaney as of late and no longer feels pressured to apologize and address the series as a failure. Mulaney shared his honest opinion on the sitcom:

Can I tell you honestly? I think it was a really funny show. And I think it had tons of funny jokes. That's not disagreeing with anyone who didn't like it, but I think at the time I didn't want to admit, 'I thought it was good, guys. I wouldn't have put it out there if I didn't.

John Mulaney wasn't always that bold with his commentary regarding Mulaney, as he said in the time soon after the show's cancellation he felt as though he had to publicly acknowledge his show failed. The comedian would reference the show's failure in his stand up, mostly because he felt like he had to address it to avoid looking like he was ignoring an elephant in the room. After some time passed, Mulaney said he realized that fans didn't view Mulaney's failure in the same way he did, which obviously helped the comedian move past the event and onto bigger and better things.

Mulaney told The Ringer the show's cancellation at first felt like a crisis point in his career, but it's now clear it wasn't as he has managed to do some pretty great things in the time since. Since Mulaney's cancellation the comedian has hosted Saturday Night Live, was one-half of the successful Broadway production Oh, Hello, and had his latest stand up comedy special Kid Gorgeous release on Netflix. While Mulaney may not have a sitcom to hang his hat on anymore, it's safe to say the comedian has no trouble finding his way to television through other projects.

Mulaney may not have gone on as long as John Mulaney wanted it to, but the show did achieve the purpose he had for it. Mulaney said he created the sitcom because he wanted to become a "bigger stand-up comic." Three years after the show's cancellation, Mulaney's star power is as big as it's ever been. While the comedian may or may not have Mulaney to thank for that, the series definitely put his name in front of a mainstream audience. Given where things are now, Mulaney's story might just serve as evidence that there's no such thing as bad publicity.

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