Christina Aguilera Had Some Choice Words About Possibly Returning To The Voice

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Christina Aguilera is opening up about her time on NBC's The Voice and whether she would return to the series. The show premiered in 2011, and Aguilera was one of the series' four original coaches. She remained on the show in an on-again/off-again capacity until 2016, when she indefinitely vacated her seat in one of the big red chairs in Season 10. It was the same season she finally won the competition as a coach. When asked about whether she would consider returning to the reality competition, Aguilera demurred before saying:

It became something that I didn't feel was what I had signed up for in Season 1. You realize it's not about music. It's about making good TV moments and massaging a story. I didn't get into this business to be a television show host and to be given all these [rules]. Especially as a female: You can't wear this, can't say that. I would find myself on that show desperately trying to express myself through clothing or makeup or hair. It was my only kind of outlet.

Christina Aguilera discussed the potential of her return in a cover story interview with Billboard. During Aguilera's run on The Voice, she was the only female coach. It is a situation that has changed in subsequent seasons.

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson is currently sitting in one of the red chairs with Christina Aguilera showing no signs of a desire to return. During Aguilera's initial breaks from The Voice, Shakira and Gwen Stefani replaced her. Then, Miley Cyrus joined the show. Besides Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, the remaining seats have been in a game of musical chairs. Despite Aguilera's absence, The Voice continues to be a ratings magnet for NBC.

Since leaving the show, the singer has been hard at work on her latest album, Liberation. It is her first album in six years. Eight years have passed since her acting debut in the musical Burlesque. She is getting ready to dive back into the acting world with a role in the upcoming sci-fi romance Zoe, which stars Ewan McGregor and Lea Seydoux.

Christina Aguilera is planning to go on tour to support her new album. That means leaving behind the stability of television and heading back on the road. She explained the decision to stay at The Voice as long as she did:

Touring is so frightening to me, because I am a mom first. It's part of why I stayed in the position I was [at The Voice]. It's easy to get comfortable and cushy in the same place and not have to worry about uprooting your kids. I've been putting myself on the back burner. [But now], it needs to happen. I'm looking forward to getting back out and actually showing my kids what Mommy really does!

While Christina Aguilera has shared her thoughts on returning to The Voice, as a coach, it remains to be seen if she would be willing to return to the show as a musical guest. With a new album on the horizon and many fans of The Voice likely curious to hear her new stuff, it would be a great chance to accommodate both parties. Where there is music, there can be harmony.

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