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Netflix's Marvel-verse most recently dropped Jessica Jones Season 2 to far less fanfare than usual, but hopefully Luke Cage's sophomore season will relight the audience spark in big ways. The first Season 2 trailer is here to do just that by introducing Mustafa Shakir's insanely dangerous villain Bushmaster, while also giving us our first look at Misty's new bionic arm in action. Now sit back and let the best soundtrack on TV guide you through the upcoming chaos.

I was not lying about Luke Cage's masterful tunes, was I? I mean, if there is a foolproof way to make John "Bushmaster" McIver's deadly actions feel more badass than horrifying, you just have to put it on top of a hip hop drum beat, which somehow makes stabbings and getting shot feel rhythmic and hype-worthy.

First appearing in a 1977 Iron Fist comic, Bushmaster is getting a slight change-up from how the character has been presented in the comics. We're obviously getting the John McIver version, instead of Quincy McIver, and unless there's some big early backstories that the trailer blows past, it looks like Bushmaster will have already done through whatever procedure it was that gave his body the same bulletproof skin as Luke. It's assumed that process is also what made him strong enough to put Luke Cage on his ass, something the hero is clearly not so familiar with. But that's the price of widespread fame and notoriety within Harlem, and Luke's headline-making heroism put a giant target on his back.

It looks like Luke and everyone else will have their work cut out for them when Bushmaster presumably joins up with Black Mariah in ridding Harlem of its super-powered blights. And let's not forget about that other Season 1 villain, Theo Rossi's Shades Alvarez, or the other two comic baddies we'll see in Season 2, Nightshade and Comanche. Or even Annabella Sciorra's mafioso Rosalie Carbone. Luke may just be wishing that Cottonmouth Stokes was still alive and in charge.

Thankfully, Luke won't be the only good guy whose can boast extra help in the ass-kicking department, with Iron Fist showing up at some point, and Luke can now depend on Misty Knight more than ever. Following the events of The Defenders, Misty has been supplied with the bionic arm first made famous in the comics. And though she'll be dealing with issues that such a modernized appendage won't help, the trailer above gives us our first good look at her beating someone down with it.

Make sure you've got your bulletproof popcorn tin handle, because Luke Cage Season 2 will finally hit Netflix on Friday, June 22, at 12:01 a.m. PT. (Just maybe don't expect any big Infinity War connections.) Check out our 2018 Netflix schedule and our summer premiere schedule to see everything else that's hitting the small screen soon.