Why New Girl Fans Should Be Nervous About The Series Finale

Jess, Winston, Cece, and her daughter

There's a cliche saying that never seem to lose its power in the TV world: all things must come to an end. Unless you're a show like Grey's Anatomy or Dr. Who, long running shows do eventually meet their series finale. This is going to happen this year with FOX's long running comedy New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. The show was renewed for a final (abridged) seventh season, which we're currently half way through. The fandom is longing to find out how the gang and The Loft ultimately end up, but series regular Hannah Simone (aka Cece) recently addressed the series finale, and it might make the fans nervous. Because the finale is going to deliver a big twist.

Today's TV is all about a good twist, and I don't think anybody watching will see that ending coming.

While New Girl isn't exactly a show like Westworld of Game of Thrones, it appears that the show's finale episode will deliver an unexpected twist. This is definitely an exciting concept, but it's also going to cause some anxiety among the fans.

Hannah Simone's comments to Variety seem to indicate something major for New Girl's last episode. While one might have assumed the final episode would feature the gang living happily ever after, the long running comedy is going to keep TV fans on their toes. Now the question is: how?

The biggest question revolving around New Girl is whether or not Jess and Nick will end up together. The couple are basically the ultra quirky version of Rachel and Ross, and the shows had them break up and get back together a handful of times. While they're currently dating in Season 7, there's been no talk of marriage of taking things to the next step. So could they end up broken up in the end?

While Schmidt and Cece seem rock solid with their happy marriage and child, perhaps another twist is coming for Winston. Lamorne Morris has been the undisputed scene stealer for New Girl's long tenure on the air, and it would be great to see Winston featured in the show's final episode. That, and to have Coach return (again) would just be the icing on the cake.

The promise of a big twist seems out of question for New Girl, whose biggest twists probably came in the time jump between Seasons 6 and 7. While I'm ready to go for the ride of the show's final episodes, I'm just hoping that nothing too crazy ends up happening. We don't need another Roseanne finale on our hands. Although if they mess it up, New Girl will probably get a reboot in ten years that will ignore the finale anyway. All the cool kids are doing it.

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Corey Chichizola
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