Chicago Fire May Be Losing Major Cast Members Ahead Of Season 7

Chicago Fire cast Season 6
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NBC has put out the fire surrounding any doubt that its popular series, Chicago Fire, will continue. The network has just renewed it for a seventh season. While this is news worth celebrating, a smoky cloud hangs not too far off the horizon. The contracts for five of the series' main stars (David Eigenberg, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Jesse Spencer, and Eamonn Walker) are expiring, and only two of them are reportedly confirmed to return. Here is what we know so far.

The fate of Monica Raymund's Gabriela "Gabby" Dawson Casey is in the most doubt as Season 6 comes to an end, according to Deadline. While the actress' contract remains in limbo, so does the fate of her character. The season will reportedly end with Gabby's life hanging in the balance. So this is a season finale cliffhanger that carries a lot of weight. Raymund's is the only character reported to be in danger as the season ends, putting an exclamation point on how her contract talks will end.

There is good news for Eamonn Walker and David Eigenberg. While their contracts have reportedly not been renewed yet, the fate of their characters will not be brought into question by the events of the season finale. It is a positive sign Chicago Fire has them in prime position to continue with the show. With Season 7 a sure thing, fans will not have to wait too much longer to find out if Eigenberg, Raymund, and Walker are brought back.

Now, the producers have a better idea of where they are headed and the impact they want the Season 6 finale to have, and can map out their stories to follow suit. While Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney have allegedly renewed their contracts, there is a catch. According to the report, they only renewed their contracts for a single season, meaning if the series is renewed for an eighth season a similar contract scenario could play out.

For now, fans can rest assured that Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney's characters will continue to be seen and heard throughout Season 7. While Spencer's Casey may be a safe bet for Season 7, whether or not, Monica Raymund returns will impact his character tremendously. If she doesn't, it would not be the first time Chicago Fire fans have endured a cast shake-up. So, a potential shift in Season 7 will not be the first, and possibly not the last time, fans encounter a situation like this.

Find out how Chicago Fire blazes toward the end of its sixth season when the two-hour season finale airs May 10 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. To find out when you can catch television's other endings, check out this year's season finale schedule. Wondering what is in store on NBC, and other channels during the warm season? Then check out our guide to television's hot summer premieres.

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