The Chicago Fire Actors Talk About That Big Kiss

severide and stella kidd kiss on chicago fire

Spoilers from this week's episode of Chicago Fire, "Down is Better" can be found throughout this article. If you haven't watched the episode yet, I suggest you check out one of our other excellent articles.

NBC's Chicago-based Dick Wolf shows are being interrupted a bit because of football and the Olympics this year, which means that this week's "Down is Better" is officially being billed as the fall finale for the series. This means that a lot happened in the episode: the Hope-based arc worked itself out pretty well, a second Molly's location looks imminent, and Stella Kidd had a pretty intense period of working public relations. However, what we've really come here to talk about is that, after weeks of flirtatious behavior between Stella Kidd and her new roomie Kelly Severide, the two finally shared a kiss. However, it was a drunken kiss, and Kidd later claimed not to remember it. But is she telling the truth?

At NBC's One Chicago Day earlier this week, we sat down with Taylor Kinney, who shared his thoughts about the kiss. According to the actor, while Stella Kidd may not be wanting to address the kiss at this moment, it may have meant more to her than she's letting on. Per Kinney,

She remembers it!

Producer Derek Haas also seemingly confirmed to CinemaBlend that Stella Kidd's reaction to the kiss may not have been exactly what it seemed, noting the look on Kelly Severide's face when she acts like she doesn't remember much after getting too drunk at Molly's the night before. Per Haas, perhaps Taylor Kinney is on to something.

Stella tries to sneak a kiss on Severide. The look on Taylor's face when she says she doesn't is kind of like [really]?

"Down is Better" really was a big week for Stella Kidd. She's had a lot to deal with lately, as newcomer Hope was basically gunning to get her out of the way, and nearly succeeded. For a short while, the firehouse had to deal with a goofy and inept new fireman as Stella Kidd was thrown into the politics of dealing with the press in another firehouse department. The only bright side to this whole Kidd departing-the-firehouse plotline is that actress Miranda Rae Mayo's character got to have a heart-to-heart with Mouch, played by Christian Stolte, on the serious. That's a pairing we don't often see, and one that Mayo says she really appreciated, noting,

In these interviews, they've been asking me for a while, 'If you could do a scene with anybody that you haven't done a scene with yet, who would it be?' It would be Christian Stolte. He's the most incredible actor. He is always the smartest person in the room. And I just have been dying to connect with him. And I think maybe like a couple seasons ago, that scene would have been with Hermann. I am so grateful that we got to have some heart-to-heart time.

As it turns out, Hope actually forged a signature in order to push Kidd out, and some sleuthing from Casey and others got her back into the fold.

Meanwhile, Kidd still got drunk and kissed Severide, and since there has been some romantic tension between the characters as the season has unfolded, we doubt this plotline is going to cool once Chicago Fire is back into a groove in the schedule. Chicago Fire will be back on NBC's primetime schedule soon, and even has a big crossover planned with Chicago P.D. for that show's 100th episode. In the meantime, what did you think of the big moment in the episode?

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