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Fox has gained a bit of a reputation for cancelling shows over the years, although there is one series the network just can't seem to get enough of. 24 is once again poised to get a new series, and it appears as though the show's original creative team will be involved. With Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran putting their heads together with the people over at Fox, its possible television audiences will be getting a new show set within the 24 universe.

Fox chairman Dana Walden revealed that the network has been in discussions with Surnow and Cochran since the end of 24: Legacy last year and that new ideas are being discussed regarding how the team can bring a new 24 series to the network. At this stage, it appears that anything is on the table regarding what audiences might be in store for, and Deadline revealed that no one was quite ready to say just what this new series could be. Walden did say, however, that the network was "very excited about where the show would go," which would appear to mean they're thinking this series has some great potential.

Fans of 24 would be jazzed, of course, if this new series was a continuation of the life of Jack Bauer. Kiefer Sutherland is officially out of a job following the cancellation of Designated Survivor, so it's very possible the network may have been in talks with him regarding availability and his openness to returning to the role prior to news officially breaking. Fox's interest in more 24 is somewhat confusing, considering the quick cancellation 24: Legacy experienced, but if Sutherland is willing to return the network's sudden urge to bring another show from the 24 universe to television, it would certainly make sense.

The last time the world saw Jack Bauer, he had willingly turned himself over to the Russians at the end of 24: Live Another Day. Bauer exchanged his freedom for the safety of his family but informed his captors that should they go back on their word he would tear their entire world apart. The ending seemed to tease a new story that would show exactly that, and it's possible this could be the new series the creative team is working on. That said, late last year it was revealed the team was discussing a potential female-led legal thriller set within the show's universe, so it's also completely possible this new adventure could be devoid of Jack Bauer entirely.

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