HBO's Watchmen TV Show: An Updated Cast List

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One might think there would be a tipping point for superheroes on TV, but we are definitely not there yet. And HBO knows it, with the network going forward with its mega-ensemble adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' seminal graphic novel Watchmen. With the series premiere now here, Damon Lindelof's episodic take on the superhero saga can finally start to show off its stunning cast.

Given HBO's history with original programming, it's no surprise that Watchmen rocks a bunch of talented stars. So let's take a look at all the Watchmen cast members and characters we know so far. It's possible that even more new characters will be revealed as the season goes on, too.

Don Johnson watchmen

Don Johnson - Chief Judd Crawford

Former Miami Vice frontman Don Johnson has gone through a TV renaissance in recent years, from the short-lived Blood & Oil to the comedy Sick Note to Fox's cancelled LA to Vegas. But while he's always been a badass, he's never been part of the comics, and Watchmen should be a fantastic start. His character Judd Crawford will be Angela's boss and the chief of police in the story.

Regina King watchmen

Regina King - Detective Angela Abar/ Sister Night

From American Crime to The Leftovers to The Boondocks, Regina King knows a little something about making popular and wildly acclaimed TV. Watchmen will hopefully be just as popular and critically adored, and I would bet money on King being a big part of that appeal. Her character Detective Angela Abar fights injustice as a member of the masked police force under her hero pseudonym Sister Night. Details on her character are still pretty sparse, but we've wondered if there's a Silk Spectre connection.

Tim Blake Nelson

Tim Blake Nelson - Looking Glass

One of cinema's most fantastic character actors, most notably within the Coen brothers' filmography, Tim Blake Nelson has popped up in two comic book movies that weren't the most memorable, but Watchmen should change all that. Empire reported Nelson's been cast as an Oklahoman cop who may be a sociopath named Looking Glass. Looking Glass sports a silver reflective mask that is the perfect accessory to help people remember his name.

Lou Gossett Jr. watchmen

Lou Gossett Jr. - Will Reeves

With such classics as Roots, An Officer and a Gentlemen and Iron Eagle in his past, Lou Gossett Jr. has appeared in so many TV shows and movies, it's hard to keep up. Most recently, he could be seen in the now-cancelled Hap and Leonard and in Season 1 of The Good Fight, with many more projects on the horizon. Gossett plays Will Reeves who, according to EW, is a survivor of the Tulsa 1921 race riots.

Adelaide Clemens

Adelaide Clemens - ???

Having starred in one of TV's most powerful dramas, Rectify, Adelaide Clemens certainly had work cut out for her in finding an equally noteworthy follow-up show. Clemens was initially reported to play Pirate Jenny in this modern sequel, though that role ended up going to another actress.

Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard - Red Scare

Having appeared in some of the most popular shows on TV, actor Andrew Howard is no stranger to the world of action and comic book stories. He was part of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast some years back, and has been seen in Limitless, Hell on Wheels, 24: Legacy, The Brave and Bates Motel. He plays Red Scare in Watchmen, and dons a red track suit while working with the police department.

watchmen ozymandias jeremy irons

Jeremy Irons - Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias (Probably)

Jeremy Irons has a long history of prestigious and popular projects in showbiz, ranging from playing Alfred in the DC extended universe to Rodrigo Borgia in The Borgias to Scar himself in The Lion King. He even won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1991 for his performance in Reversal of Fortune. Slashfilm has reported that Irons will be playing Adrian Veldt, aka Ozymandias, in what will be an older version of the ego-mad quasi-villain.

sleepy hollow ichabod crane tom mison

Tom Mison - Mr. Phillips

Prior to 2013, Tom Mison was primarily known for projects filmed across the pond. Pride and Prejudice fans will recognize his character's name, Mr. Bingley, from the 2008 miniseries Lost in Austen on ITV, and he was back on the miniseries circuit in 2012 with Parade's End. In 2013, he debuted as Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow, which ran for four seasons. His Watchmen character is named Mr. Phillips, a servant to Adrian Veldt.

fargo frances fisher

Frances Fisher - Jane Crawford

Despite a long and prosperous career, Frances Fisher is probably still best known for her role as Rose's mom in Titanic. More recently, she had multi-episode runs on Resurrection, Criminal Minds, Masters of Sex, and Swedish Dicks, as well as a memorable appearance in Fargo. Like Tom Mison, she appeared in a project based on Pride and Prejudice will the Hallmark movie Marrying Mr. Darcy. Fisher will play Jane Crawford, the wife of Don Johnson's Judd Crawford.

white famous jacob ming trent

(Image credit: Image courtesy of Showtime)

Jacob Ming-Trent - Panda

The career of Jacob Ming-Trent kicked off back in 2007 with an appearance on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, but he didn't get a bigger break into the TV biz until almost a decade later with AMC's short-lived Feed the Beast in 2016. He followed that up in 2017 with Showtime's White Famous, although that too was cancelled after one season. His Watchmen character is Panda, and all we know about him so far is he wears a giant plush Panda head.

yahya abdul-mateen ii watchmen

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II - Cal Abar

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II made a name for himself in 2016 with The Get Down, where he played the character Cadillac. He then moved to the big screen for roles in Baywatch and The Greatest Showman. He made a return to streaming television with an episode of The Handmaid's Tale and was featured as the villain Black Manta in Aquaman. In Watchmen, he'll play the husband of Regina King's Angela, Cal Abar.

endeavour sara vickers

Sara Vickers - Ms. Crookshanks

Scottish actress Sara Vickers is best-known for her performance as Joan Thursday in Endeavour, which airs on ITV. She's turned in performances in the period pieces The Alienist and The Crown. In 2016, she appeared in the third season of British crime drama Shetland in a stint running six episode. Prior to that, she could be seen in Privates on the BBC. Who does she play in Watchmen? Her character's name is Ms. Crookshanks, but that's about all we know for now.

Jean Smart watchmen laurie

Jean Smart - Agent Blake/Silk Spectre

Jean Smart has had a couple of memorable gigs on television as of late, but superhero show fans may recognize her as Melanie Bird from FX's recently concluded Legion. Smart will play an FBI agent investigating a murder by the name of Agent Blake. We don't know a ton about Smart's character in the present, though it has been revealed she was formerly the Silk Spectre.

Bob Benson James Wolk Mad Men AMC

James Wolk - Senator Keane

James Wolk, who was a big part of CBS All Access twisted fairy tale series Tell Me A Story, is apparently playing a sizable role in Watchmen. Wolk will be playing Senator Keane, who as mentioned, will be a big part of Season 1 as it unfolds. We're guessing because of some political policy he'll be in support of, though he could always be a hero or villain in disguise.

Jessica Camacho The Flash

Jessica Camacho - ???

From her roles on The Flash, Jessica Camacho is no stranger to superhero shows. Now, she's coming into Watchmen with an unknown role, though some are saying she's playing Pirate Jenny. As mentioned earlier with Adelaide Clemens, there's some discrepancy on who's actually playing that role, but we should know once the season gets rolling.

Hong Chau Downsizing

Hong Chau - Lady Trieu

Hong Chau (Downsizing) will play what is being called a key role in Watchmen. For now, all we know is that Trieu is Vietnamese, which comes from Deadline. The fact that the series is being cagey about her role makes us think there's more to it than is being said, so look for some surprise to come from her character.

Hugo Dylan Schombing The Slap

Dylan Schombing - ???

He may be one of the younger actors of the lot, but Dylan Schombing has made quite a career for himself in a relatively short time. Schombing appeared in the much-hyped American adaptation of The Slap and had long-running roles on Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce and HBO's Sharp Objects. There are no details or rumors about Schombing's role in Watchmen at this time.

Watchmen Logo

Adelynn Spoon - Emma Abar

Adelynn Spoon is a fresh face to Hollywood with Watchmen being one of her first two roles in Hollywood. Spoon is one of three children involved in the production, and will be playing the child of the Abar family, Emma. Her role is listed as recurring, so it's unknown just how much of an impact her character will have in Season 1.

Josie Saltzman Lily Rose Smith The Vampire Diaries The CW

Lily Rose Smith-???

Lily Rose Smith is another relatively fresh face in Hollywood who has joined the cast of Watchmen, but she has had one sizable role prior to joining. Smith was a part of The Vampire Diaries and played the part of Josie Saltzman from 2015 to 2017. Again, we're not sure how these three children will be incorporated into the show's plot, although we're optimistic Damien Lindelof has something in mind for all of these young talents.

For now, these are all the cast members that Watchmen currently has lined up for its HBO debut. Stay tuned for more announcements, and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides for all the new and returning shows hitting primetime soon.

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