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Krypton Ended On An Awesome Comic Book Moment From Superman's History

Warning! This post contains spoilers for the Krypton Season 1 finale, called "The Phantom Zone." Read at your own risk!

With its constant references and nods to comic book lore, Krypton is quickly becoming the Superman show audiences didn't know they needed. The series gave yet another subtle nod to the comics in its Season 1 finale, "The Phantom Zone", as a closing shot of the season referenced an awesome moment from Superman's history. The moment featured Doomsday hammering away at his cell with his fists, only to finally break free and unleash a roar towards the audience just before he presumably escaped to lay waste to anything in his path:

Non-comic book fans may remember Doomsday from the Zack Snyder film Batman vs. Superman, but before he was a supporting villain in a polarizing superhero film, he was the villain famously featured in the infamous Superman storyline The Death of Superman. As the premiere for the storyline loomed, fans were teased with the arrival of Doomsday at the end of every comic with frames showing his fist pounding on his steel containment chamber. Krypton recreated the scene in its own way, with the final frame showing that Doomsday will more than likely be a threat on the series when it returns for Season 2.

Krypton's Doomsday scene is a good homage to the Superman comics, although not entirely in line with the source material that it's referencing. For starters, Doomsday was imprisoned in a containment chamber buried deep beneath the Earth, not in a blood sealed vault on planet Krypton. That said, the creature's origins do originate on the planet, so it's not as though the Syfy series was disrespectful to the character's mythos in twisting his story a little bit. For all the liberties the show took with changing up Doomsday's story, it's nice to see the writers still took time to write in a much-loved part from the comics to pay homage to past lore:

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