ABC And Disney Hit With Lawsuit Over Kids Show Goldie & Bear

Goldie & Bear
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Disney and ABC are being sued by the production companies Milk Barn and Microseries over the handling of the Disney Junior series Goldie & Bear. Both companies were behind the first season of the hit series. And the lawsuit alleges that Disney replaced the family businesses for Season 2, and made it "virtually impossible" to ever produce another kids' show or feature film again.

The allegations were made in a lawsuit that was filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, per The Wrap. The production companies are suing Disney and ABC for $20 million worth in damages. One of the plaintiffs in the suit, Milk Barn and Microseries' manager Jan Korbelin, alleges he was told by Disney to fire the original executive producer of the series and assume their duties. According to Korbelin, he has not been compensated for the year-and-a-half he served in the position. That amount totals more than $250,000.

Drawing from ABC's decision to cancel Roseanne for moral reasons, the lawsuit alleges that ABC did not uphold those same values when it came to the behind-the-scenes handling of the children's program. Disney brought on Titmouse, Inc. to produce the series' second season. It is currently still doing so. For those unaware, Goldie & Bear is an animated kids' show that answers the question many may have had about the childhood story -- Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

What would have happened if Goldilocks and Little Bear became friends? Even though she broke into his family's home, broke Little Bear's chair, and attempted to make herself comfortable, the Disney Junior series posits the duo could forge a friendship. Renamed Goldie in the series and Little Bear -- Jack Bear -- the series involves the two going on great adventures together.

Goldie & Bear debuted on Disney Junior, roughly three years ago in the fall of 2015. The series is currently in the midst of its second season. Jorge Aguirre and Rick Gitelson created the show. Like the Disney movies Frozen and Toy Story, the show utilizes CGI animation instead of the traditional hand-drawn method seen in Disney's Winnie The Pooh.

Disney fans will have to wait and see how the media giant legally responds to the allegations and how the case is resolved. These sorts of lawsuits tend to wind around the courts for a while. For those curious about checking it out, the first season of Goldie & Bear is currently streaming on Netflix.

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