People Of Earth Just Got Cancelled, Despite Already Being Renewed

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Although May was a bit of a cancellation and renewal rollercoaster, it turns out we're not at the finish line yet. In fact, TBS renewed its extraterrestrial comedy series People of Earth several months ago. Regardless, now it's coming out that, in a rare move, the network has changed its mind. Creator of the series David Jenkins took to social media to inform fans that despite the show's early renewal for Season 3 last year, it had been officially cancelled. he said:

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People Of Earth's cancellation is a bit shocking even beyond the fact that it had already been renewed as the show was well reviewed by critics. The viewership numbers for the series weren't phenomenal, but TBS should've known that back when it initially renewed the series for Season 3 just a few weeks before the show's Season 2 finale last year. Jenkins' did not give fans a reason for the network's cancellation, nor did TBS, and the network has not officially commented on its decision at this time.

The mystery surrounding People of Earth's cancellation is intriguing, as David Jenkins' tweets indicate he wasn't aware the series was in trouble until recently. Jenkins tweeted back in March Season 3 was looking like it would premiere in October, and then on Tuesday, May 22 shared he heard the show was in trouble. Jenkins urged fans of the show to reach out to TBS if they'd like to see the show return for a new season, although it would appear the effort was in vain.

People of Earth's late cancellation by TBS is especially rough on the show's writers, who were already hard at work on the upcoming season of the series. David Jenkins confirmed Season 3 had been written, although added a statement that seems to state fans will never get to see it:

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David Jenkins tweet makes it sound like no amount of negotiation will save People of Earth, and that the crew is ready to hang things up after Season 2. Of course, he might just be clarifying and explaining that while Season 3 has been written, the show will not film it and TBS will not be airing it and then cancelling the series. Jenkins did not mention the possibility of another network picking up the sci-fi comedy, which many fans are hoping happens. If that doesn't happen or isn't a possibility, it appears the show will just end on an unresolved note with Season 2.

People of Earth may be cancelled at TBS, but parts of Season 2 are currently up to view on TBS' website. Fans looking for a new show to replace it should visit our summer premiere guide. For a list of other shows that have been renewed and cancelled this year, click here.

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