Jerry O'Connell On Possibly Returning To The Big Bang Theory For Season 12

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Amy and Sheldon's wedding on The Big Bang Theory was obviously a big move for the couple, and it will almost definitely throw some complications into the scheme of things when Season 12 arrives. For fans, the wedding was also celebrated for expanding the couple's on-screen family by introducing Amy's parents and the adult iteration of Sheldon's older brother George, as played by Jerry O'Connell. Can we hope to see more brotherly love between Sheldon and George when The Big Bang Theory returns? Here's what O'Connell had to say.

Sheldon and Georgie have patched things up now, so hopefully yeah. It's such a fun character that they wrote for me too -- it's so fun to play a non-nerd around all those nerds, and just unabashedly make fun of them for being nerds!

Within the show's history, Sheldon and George haven't exactly been the best of friends, and The Big Bang Theory made it through eleven full years without setting the two men in the same room together. But the existence of the prequel Young Sheldon, which depicts the Cooper family back in the late 1980s, introduced viewers to Montana Jordan's intelligence-lite Georgie Cooper, and the impending rift between the brothers could be witnessed by millions. It was only natural for Sheldon and George to make up one day, and after seeing how goofy and relatively unchanged George was as an adult, many fans would love to see O'Connell return to keep stressing Sheldon out in ways that no other characters can.

And while I might not have expected Jerry O'Connell to embrace the role so naturally, he definitely pulled it off with flying colors. As he put it to Digital Spy, he dedicated some time to studying Montana Jordan's performance on Young Sheldon in order to properly wrap his head around the role. And the actor was quite impressed with the rare TV logistics of having to base a current character on a spinoff set in the past.

Plus, Jerry O'Connell had nothing but good things to say about everyone involved with The Big Bang Theory, making it sound like a truly welcome place, and strengthening fans hopes that he'll return one day. In his words (which also compliment that instantly iconic hairdo):

Chuck Lorre immediately took a look at me and said, 'You should have the same hair as little Georgie!', and it just killed. People loved it. Not only Mr Lorre, but all the writers over there, all the actors, they're just firing on all cylinders. It's like samurai sword sharp, everything that they do. Their timing, the writing, the acting, their notes. . . . I gotta tell you, I'm an older guy, and this was educational, it really was. I hope I come back for more.

Currently, O'Connell is the lead on the levity-embracing crime drama Carter, which is now set for WGN America, and he'll be heard voicing the role of Clark Kent and his powerful alter ego in the animated DC film The Death of Superman. So it's definitely possible that he'll have more than enough time to film some Big Bang Theory episodes for Season 12, should the creative team find ways to keep him in the story. (We're supposedly going to see more from Kathy Bates and Teller as the Fowlers, too.)

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 will be around to make the fall season more fun and possibly marriage paperwork. Let the show know how much you'd like to see Jerry O'Connell return, and head to our summer premiere schedule to keep up with all the new and returning shows hitting primetime this fall.

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