Why The Big Bang Theory's Meemaw Wasn't Around For Sheldon And Amy's Wedding

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While wedding bells finally rang for Amy and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory's Season 11 finale, fans may have noticed a crucial family member missing from the nuptials. Yes, Sheldon's beloved Meemaw was not in attendance for the big day. Rest assured that it is not because Big Bang Theory's showrunner Steve Holland had forgotten about her. Holland explained why Meemaw was missing from the wedding episode, saying:

Unfortunately this episode came in very long and we had to start making hard decisions about what was serving the story and what we could lose. We had recorded a phone message from Mee-Maw explaining why she couldn't be there (she is in her 90s after all), and sadly we had to cut it for time. It was a hard cut to make, not only because it was a sweet moment but also because I know people are going to wonder why Mee-Maw didn't get mentioned, but at the end of the day we had to make the best episode we could and a 30-second phone call was going to be 30 seconds less wedding we got to see. I know that CBS is planning to post some bonus content online after the episode airs, and I think Mee-Maw's phone call will be one of the things they put up.

Sheldon's Meemaw was not the only casualty of the time-cutting measures needed for Amy and Sheldon's wedding. Steve Holland's explanation to Deadline fits with what happened to the deleted scene of Amy and Sheldon opening their wedding gift from Stephen Hawking. Thankfully, Holland believes Meemaw's phone call will be among the deleted scenes shared with fans after the fact, which is certainly better than never seeing it at all.

While frequently mentioned by Sheldon, Meemaw did not make her first on-screen appearance until Season 9 in the fourteenth episode, entitled "The Meemaw Materialization." Academy Award nominee June Squibb played the role then, while Annie Potts plays her in The Big Bang Theory's spinoff prequel series, Young Sheldon. While it is hard to imagine Sheldon walking down the aisle without Meemaw nearby, much to fans chagrin, it happened. Given Meemaw's rough start with Amy, it would have also been interesting to see the pair reflect on where their relationship stands now.

It is amazing how the producers had to consider the time spent on every moment surrounding The Big Bang Theory wedding, even having to cut a 30-second scene. Time adds up, though. Even if the show had included a mention of Meemaw, it would have taken time away from the wedding, which fans have been waiting to see for a long time. Since moments like Meemaw and Sheldon's are essential to fans, it is great they are getting the chance to see them.

Much like the Stephen Hawking scene, it is sad fans will not get to see Meemaw's scene play out in the actual episode. Losing the context around certain scenes can be slightly detrimental to the viewing experience. While The Big Bang Theory's showrunner, Steve Holland, explained why viewers did not see Meemaw, he did not answer whether they would see her again next season. Here is hoping they will, and fans will be treated to a hilarious explanation for why she was not at the wedding.

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