Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison And Others React To Richard 'Old Man' Harrison's Death

Sad news regarding the Pawn Stars family and team broke on June 25 with the announcement that Richard "Old Man" Harrison had passed away at the age of 77 due to Parkinson's. The Pawn Stars patriarch had been a key part of the show from the very beginning, although his presence was drastically reduced in later years. Details are currently scarce about the circumstances of his death, and the Harrison family has asked for privacy, although it has been confirmed that he was surrounded by loved ones during his final weekend. Now, his son and Pawn Stars host Rick Harrison and others have shared their feelings on his death on social media.

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Rick Harrison's first Instagram post about his father's passing was addressed toward his fans and followers, filling them in on the sad news and asking for privacy. He shows his gratitude toward fans who have apparently reached out with their condolences, which is a lovely touch in what must be a very upsetting time for him and his family. Harrison followed up his first post with a second, showing his Old Man as a much younger man:

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In his second post, Rick Harrison shares the detail that his father died due to Parkinson's as well as the photo of him from many years ago. Fans can surely appreciate the look at the younger Old Man. This post is addressed toward his dad rather than fans, and it feels all the more poignant for it. Rick Harrison's son and the Old Man's grandson Corey also shared his feelings on Instagram:

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Corey Harrison credits his grandfather for having a presence in his life as friend and family, and it's clear that their many years working together in the pawn shop and on Pawn Stars were important to him. Corey Harrison also asks for privacy, and we can only hope that fans are honoring the request. Another Pawn Stars star took to social media with a touching message. Here's what Austin "Chumlee" Russell shared on Twitter:

Chumlee may not have been a Harrison, but the Old Man made him feel like family. Another person who chose Twitter to honor Richard Harrison was none other than the mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn G. Goodman. Take a look at her message:

Fans have found ways to pay their respects to Richard Harrison. According to TMZ, fans and customers have visited the Gold & Silver pawn shop and leaving flowers and other objects in deference to the Old Man. A memorial in the shop has also reportedly been set up, including a cardboard cutout of the man himself as well as his chair, his hat, and his coffee cup. The Old Man clearly won't be forgotten any time soon.

If you want to relive some of the Old Man's glory days of Pawn Stars, you can find full seasons streaming on both Hulu and Amazon Prime. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV and movie news. For some viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

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