Rick Harrison And His Fiancee Will Be Married By The Count In Laguna Beach

Most pawn shop owners might prefer buying inexpensive everyday items on the cheap, but Rick Harrison usually has loftier aims. The Pawn Stars headman likes buying big ticket, historically important items on the cheap. Thus, it should come as a surprise to no one that he recently decided to change his wedding plans from a rather casual affair in Las Vegas to a blow out in Laguna Beach, California. Whether he was able to take the famed Ritz Carlton down on price is unclear, but one would imagine he sure as hell tried.

According to People, Harrison and his fiancée Deanna Burditt will exchange “I Dos” on July 21. The guest list reportedly stands at over one hundred people including Pawn Stars regulars Chumlee, who will be the ring bearer, and Danny “The Count” Koker who will become an ordained minister in order to marry the two.

All of the specifics for the ceremony are slowly getting checked off the list, but apparently, the whole process has been far more of a headache than expected. Here’s what Ric had to say about everything that goes into it…

”I just had no idea there was so much involved. I just thought you got a cake, had a party, buy a keg. But we're getting it done."

The upcoming wedding will be the third for both Harrison and Burditt. With her three girls and his three boys, they might not be the most conventional family ever, but in the end, happiness is all that matters. Here’s to hoping they have that in spades.

Mack Rawden
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