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Sean Spicer Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sean Spicer is readying to take on a new role, and it does not involve another Emmy appearance or a Saturday Night Live sketch. At least not right now. The former White House press secretary is preparing to film a pilot for a new talk show that will feature a casual environment as its backdrop. The project is tentatively titled Sean Spicer's Common Ground and here is what you need to know about it.

Sean Spicer's talk show would not involve him sitting on a couch interviewing a famous person. It would instead feature Spicer hosting a well-known guest at a nearby pub or café for some conversation and a drink. And the discussion would not just stick to politics. If ordered to series, the show will venture into an array of topics, ranging from "media to marriage," per The New York Times. A network has not jumped on board yet, but filming on the pilot will commence in July.

The first guest, who will be featured in the pilot, has not been announced yet. How great would it be if Melissa McCarthy was that first guest? McCarthy infamously played Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live in 2017, when he was still the White House press secretary. The conversation they could have would undoubtedly draw eyeballs. There's really no limit to what they could talk about. Melissa McCarthy could discuss playing him and his feelings about her playing him. Alternately, they could delve into more serious issues with real-world relevance. That discussion alone could fill up half-an-hour. The timing could potentially sync up too! McCarthy's next movie will be released in late August 2018.

Each episode of Sean Spicer's talk show would only feature a single guest. The idea seems to be having a conversation, which sounds different than the traditional talk show where the guest is asked a series of pointed questions. Although there may be banter in between, the point is to get answers to specific questions.

With no network currently on board, the question becomes which one could pick up Sean Spicer's Common Ground? Fox News, maybe? With so many streaming services and networks, there are a lot of potential takers on the table for the talk show. If Sean Spicer can land a significant and buzz-worthy guest for his pilot, that would probably boost his chances of getting this talk show off the ground. If he does land a network pick-up, Sean Spicer could be coming to a TV screen near you in the not-too-distant future.

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