Watch The Backstreet Boys' Unique Jam Session With The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon

Have you dreamed about The Backstreet Boys' collaborating with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on classroom instruments and someone told you it would never happen? And you replied that you still dream of it anyway? Well, you can now have it the way you want it because this dream scenario has come true! The Backstreet Boys played their smash hit "I Want It That Way" as part of a popular music sketch, and the result is this. Watch the classroom instruments jam session for yourself below:

Everything about this video is fantastic. If you were wondering, yes, Jimmy Fallon did play the most instruments. As indicated in the text below the YouTube video, which lets viewers know which musician plays which classroom instrument, Fallon took on the Bass Drum, Casio Keyboard, and the Apple Shaker to tremendous results. Cool segments like this help display how great a song truly is. If it still sounds that great on classroom instruments, that really says something about the quality of it.

The sketch also showed off Jimmy Fallon's outstanding ability to interact with musical guests and served as a reminder The Roots are the best band on late night. The choice of costumes will not go over the heads of hardcore Backstreet fans. The ensemble's outfits are most assuredly a callback to the group's original music video for "I Want It That Way," in which they all wore blindingly white outfits. The Backstreet Boys' hit "I Want It That Way" will turn twenty years old in April of 2019. Yes, really.

As evidenced in the video, The Backstreet Boys still have it two decades later. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has no shortage of fun sketches and segments. So how cool would it be if the show took the classroom instrument and the busking with a star segment to create something of a mash-up? Imagine if Jimmy Fallon and The Roots surprised a classroom with a performance. As you probably imagined, such an event would be super cool.

The only limitation to this particular music sketch for The Backstreet Boys is that they did not get a chance to move around and break out their fantastic dance moves. Who else also would have also liked to see Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and The Backstreet Boys dance together? That would have also been pretty awesome.

New episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon air weeknights starting at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC. For new and returning television shows you can anticipate watching over the next couple months, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres. If you still want more Backstreet Boys, that is totally understandable. Head on over to the next page for a look at the group's performance of their new song "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" replete with their synced dance moves via the video below:

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