A Price Is Right Contestant Kept Getting His Bids Topped By $1

The Price is Right can be an intense game of mental fortitude and strategy, and you can look no further than recent contestant Fred for evidence of that. During successive One Bid rounds, Fred's guesses were met with smart, responsive bids by his fellow contestants, and each time, one of his fellow bidders ended up topping Fred's picks by a single dollar. It happened more than you'd think, and you can see the results for yourself in the video below.

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Instead of letting this string of one dollar more bids get him down, Fred stayed strong. In his fourthly shown bid, Fred did not mimic the previous contestants by overshooting someone else by a dollar. Rather, he only bid $1, and his move paid off, as he defeated the trio next to him by not going over the item's retail price. Per the clip published on The Price is Right's Facebook page, fans can see that while Theresa's bid came within $61 of the item's retail price, she went over the correct amount, which is a cardinal no-no on this show.

After a hard-fought battle at the One Bid, Fred did what anyone in his situation would have done after repeatedly getting shafted. He enjoyed a little celebratory dance. The clip leaves us on that victorious note, and things only got better for Fred, too. He played Master Key and ended up winning a year's worth of laundry service, some designer accessories, and a new Mini Cooper. So what did we learn here? First of all, patience eventually pays off. And secondly, having a great attitude does, too. One other takeaway is that three times is not always the charm, as the old saying would have you believe. It is on Fred's fourth bid that he succeeds, and like him, we have to remind ourselves to keep smiling even when things look grim.

Imagine if Fred had let frustration get the better of him? He may not have stayed mentally clear enough to have evoked the proper strategy, and might have ended up trying to trying to climb inside the big wheel like a hamster. In this scenario, one can see how The Price is Right can teach lessons worth using in our day-to-day life, even when we're not bidding on household items. Perhaps this is why the game show remains so popular with viewers.

Even the clip itself is another decidedly genius play by The Price is Right. Everything about this montage is brilliant, from the content to the editing, which plays a crucial role here. The captions and reaction shots are perfectly put together, and the soundtrack only adds to the hilarious nature of the situation. Wow, was this the way to the start off the week or what? Rather than just Fred, perhaps the winner here is all of us. Thanks, Fred!

Do you want to watch other contestants fight to win on The Price is Right? You can. The Price is Right airs weekday mornings on CBS, so check your local listings for times. For new and returning television shows you can anticipate watching over the next couple months, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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