This Price Is Right Contestant Is The Most Excited Thing On TV While Breaking A Plinko Record

Game shows can attract all kinds of contestants, ranging from enthusiasts who watch every single day to folks who just happened to wander in. One recent competitor on The Price Is Right was clearly a big fan of the show, and his trip to the Plinko field had him so excited that even host Drew Carey seemed a little dazzled. Check out contestant Ryan's record-breaking turn on Plinko!

I don't think I've ever wanted to high five somebody as much as I want to high five Ryan after watching this video. His enthusiasm as he leads the crowd in chants of "Ryan! Ryan!" and "Number 5! Number 5!" is pretty contagious, and his adrenaline seems so amped up that I have to wonder if he's still racing around on the high of his $31,500 payday. Drew Carey, who has seen everything from a guy air humping after a win to Jack Black getting slapped in the face, seemed at a loss for words. What a great two minutes for everybody involved!

If it seems like Ryan got worked up pretty quickly in this video, it's only because the clip cuts out his road to victory. He won the first round when his three competitors all overestimated the price of a camera, which prompted him to go on his first jubilant race around the studio, and the excitement only built when he found out he would be playing Plinko. I imagine that his yells of "OH MY GOD!" are still echoing throughout the room.

Then, he had to earn the Plinko chips. He got one right off the bat, but he had to put his guessing skills to the test four more times to win the next four chips. Ryan nailed the prices for a vacuum sealer, a water flosser (which is apparently a thing), an electric cast iron cooker, and a $26 electric pencil sharpener. All of this before he even started dropping the Plinko chips! Congratulations to Ryan on his exciting Price Is Right run. This will certainly be a story to tell the grandkids.

Interestingly, Ryan seemed to be following Drew Carey's advice about how to dominate Plinko. He certainly didn't score his $31,500 because of another broken Plinko board. From where I'm sitting, it looks like his wins came via skill, luck, and sheer giddiness. Luckily for him, the final Plinko round has been posted online and he'll be able to go on a blast from the past whenever he wants. Good for him!

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