Watch One Unlucky Price Is Right Contestant Fall Flat On His Face After Losing At The Big Wheel

A contestant on The Price Is Right can lose in a lot of ways, but few get more heartbreaking than this. Luckily, this contestant knew exactly how to brighten the mood after he was eliminated from the competition following a miracle of a Big Wheel spin by his opponent. Whether intentional or not, this guy's falling on his face is the moment folks are talking about following his incredibly unlucky break:

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Fernando had to be feeling pretty good after rolling that 95 on the big wheel, as only one number could've kept him out of the final showcase. Unfortunately, his opponent's spin landed on the 100 she needed to knock him out, which caused Fernando to drop to the floor in anguish in a melodramatic way. The hands popping up at the last minute to brace for impact seem to show the move was intentional, which makes his reaction to the loss all the better. Not many people would show such a silly display of sportsmanship upon losing.

Additionally, there just might not be many people quite like Fernando in general. The Price Is Right contestant was already destined to become a meme prior to his fall, as he had a wild celebration after winning the opening bid. Fernando, who has to have some sort of training in acrobatics or a Crossfit subscription of some kind, celebrated his win with a tuck and roll onto the main stage. He then promptly sprung up to do what looks to be an Elvis-inspired pose, which should've been enough for the show to break protocol and send him straight to the final round:

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If only the Big Wheel cared about acrobatics as much as daytime game show producers, Fernando would've had a shot to win it all. Instead, he ended up losing to Lisa, who just so happened to be newsworthy for a completely different reason. The lucky spinner on The Price Is Right appears to have hit the lottery twice, as her son is none other than NBA guard for the LA Clippers Patrick Beverly. In total, Lisa ended up winning two cars, a trip to Madagascar, and $41,000! Whether all that is cooler than the internet fame Fernando got from his fall is debatable, considering her celebrity just ensured a lot of sports fans will see his moment again and again. Maybe this is the beginning of this guy doing physical comedy at NBA halftime shows this time next year?

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