Watch One Price Is Right Contestant Mistakenly Run To The Stage After Losing

Out of every game show running on daytime television, there are few that surpass the magic of The Price Is Right. Over the decades that it has been on the air, the show has provided an ample amount of hilarious and heartwarming moments that have entertained everyone from the elderly to kids home sick from school. Today, everyone gets a laugh as a contestant is going viral for running on stage after mistakenly thinking she won the bid to go on, only to find out from host Drew Carey that wasn't the case. Take a look:

It's a moment that one usually only sees on television comedies or planned bits during award shows. Rarely does the world get to witness someone for real parading up on stage thinking they've won big despite everyone already knowing they've lost, and leave it to The Price Is Right to once again deliver an amazing moment. To his credit, Drew Carey saw it coming as soon as she moved, but unfortunately, he couldn't stop Molly from reaching the stage before having to deliver the bad news.

Sadly, Molly's trials didn't end there. As the rules go on The Price Is Right, once you get picked to go down for the bidding phase, you're then up there until you get picked or the show ends. Dave Lozo, who shared the moment with the world, said Molly's bidding did not improve from her initial failure and got even worse from there. Lozo states that Molly dropped two $1 bids following her false start, and it was remarkably clear she made the wrong decision both times.

What makes this clip even better is that Molly rushed the Price Is Right stage despite the fact that she was out of the running of winning for two different reasons. Beyond the fact that she was "over" (bids over the retail amount can't win), Kathy's bid of $600 is still much closer to the actual retail value of $629 than Molly's guess of $700. Perhaps Drew Carey pointed between the two of them and Molly assumed it was her time to shine? Either way, Molly's moment might be far more memorable than the actual winner's run on the Cyber Monday special of the show. Whether that's a good or bad thing solely rests on how Molly feels about the whole situation.

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