Watch One Excited Price Is Right Contestant Almost Pull Drew Carey Off The Stage

Anybody who gets the chance to take the stage on a popular game show like The Price is Right certainly has a reason to be excited. One recent contestant's glee almost caused a complete catastrophe, though, and she came very close to flinging host Drew Carey right off the stage. Check out the overzealous hilarity in the video below.

You can't blame someone for getting that pumped up, right? I mean, The Price is Right is just about the best game show to go on to try and win quick cash without a whole lot of background knowledge needed. The real challenge, for some, is actually making it to the prize rounds without seriously injuring one's self and/or the show's host. Nobody wants to have to use game winnings to pay off hospitals and insurance companies, amirite?

In this clip, the jazzed-up-to-the-roof Sona got called up and managed to give Drew Carey a half-embrace while she was jumping up and down. It would have all been fine had that been the extent of it, but for a split-second, Sona drew her legs up as if Carey was meant to be carrying her across a threshold, and since the host was completely unaware that it was going to happen, he lost his footing. Carey not only came close to falling off the stage, but he could have seriously injured himself on that raised row of lights on the stage's edge. Those hard edges are less forgiving than a Plinko board.

Just imagine the cacophony if Sona would have known she was playing for a new car whenever she first got up there. She would have done cartwheels on his head! And it seems to me like announcer George Gray should have been very happy that he was off by himself (wherever game show announcers do their thing) rather than anywhere near contestant Sona whenever he told her to "Come on down" as a new contestant. She might have hopped on his back and tumbled with him down the stairs.

Unfortunately, Sona didn't get to win the car during that round, since her price-picking skills were not at all up to snuff. But she did walk away with $3,000 for her troubles, along with a spectacular story and video clip to tell her friends and family about. And at least Sona wasn't the person who tried to run up on stage after losing the One Bid round.

The Price is Right airs weekday mornings in syndication, so check your local listings to see what time and channel. And to see all the other new and returning shows hitting primetime soon, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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