Jimmy Fallon's Been Repeating The Same Bad Joke On The Tonight Show

For the past four years, Jimmy Fallon has been at the head of The Tonight Show, where he largely left the SNL anarchism behind to build up a reputation as an every-person comedian, for better or for worse. In that time, The Tonight Show introduced a regular segment called "Screen Grabs," in which people send in strange and amusing images, and some viewers may not realize that, for whatever reason, Fallon has used this segment to set up the exact same terrible joke each and every time. It involves "captcha" tech, and it also involves major groans. Check it out!

As near-painful as it is to watch Jimmy Fallon get through even one of those "ticket buying" scenarios, it's an entirely different level of pain to make it through a supercut where that's the only gag he's putting out there. For those who didn't watch, in fear of perpetual madness, one of the regular "Screen Grabs" segments involves pics of bizarre "Captcha" codes used to prove an Internet user's non-robot-ness. Examples include "genital robberies" and "myahole closes." But it's not the text gags that are the same here, but rather the way Fallon frames them each time.

It starts with Jimmy Fallon's repeated "Captcha" description: "those squiggly words you have to type in before you buy tickets to concerts and stuff." Then, after the picture is shown, and the audience has chuckled over the randomly generated words, Fallon brings out the other line he constantly uses, which involves him calling out, "Honey, I'm about to get those [pop music star] tickets. Don't come in here! Don't come in here!" (Which I assume refers to him potentially doing something risqué behind closed doors, while ordering concert tickets.) The wording changes very slightly each time, but the gist is entirely the same.

Now, late night talk show hosts have embraced regular comedic bits for as long as the format has been around, and everyone has had their go-to segments and features meant to generate positive feedback. (Former Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien's Late Night masturbating bear is a shining example, if not a particularly wholesome one.) But this "Captcha" gag is so slight and goofy that it seems like Fallon does it just to make himself laugh, which definitely seems to be the case in the video above when he giggle-stammers through bringing up the band Five Seconds of Summer.

In all fairness, credit must be given to the person who put this montage video together, since it presumably involved quite a bit of Tonight Show viewing and editing. Maybe the person just has a photographic memory for every episode that used the "Screen Grabs" segment, which would possibly be deserving of its own late night talk show feature. (Probably "Stupid Human Tricks," but that's not Tonight Show schtick.)

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Nick Venable
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