What Code Black Season 4 Would Have Been About

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Fans of Code Black went into the Season 3 finale knowing it would likely serve as the series' ender, due to the medical drama being cancelled by CBS back in May. And while that ending brought closure to the show's beloved characters, that does not mean many have not wondered what might have been. Shedding light on what his plans for Season 4 would have entailed, series creator Michael Seitzman opened up about what the fourth installment would have been about had it gotten the go-ahead. Seitzmen said:

There's an aspect to Ryan McGarry's documentary, which inspired the show, which I always found interesting. When the staff was moving from the old LA County Medical Center to the new one. It shook them up in a very particular way. In a way, there were ghosts in that old building that they found they needed and those ghosts didn't exist in the new building. It affected the way they approached their jobs and their patients and they wondered if they could still be as intimate with them in the new building. I always wanted to do that in Code Black, take our staff out of Angels Memorial and see what would happen if we moved them into a new building. Flying a plane into Angels seemed to make that an easy creative transition.

There you have it, a new hospital for a new season. Unfortunately for Code Black's fans, Michael Seitzman's ambitious vision for Season 4 may never be seen. Thankfully, there is a bit of closure in knowing what would have happened had the show not been cancelled. That is, if the show is not eventually able to find a new home. In his interview with Deadline, Code Black's creator not only revealed his plans for Season 4 but an update on the beloved series' search for a new home.

While he maintained a hopeful outlook, Michael Seitzman revealed that the studio has yet to hear back from any of the streaming services regarding a pick-up. Seitzman's vision for Season 4's story is intriguing, and the show has a devoted fan following, so the drama has a lot going for it should a streaming platform decide to reach out. The idea of chronicling the aftermath of the staff's move to a new hospital would have brought a fresh angle to the drama.

Season 4 would have built upon the ending of its previous season, and giving meaning to that finale by letting it carry into Season 4 is a nice touch. While the season's ending brought closure, it also opened the door to something new. All without entirely making another season a necessity for fans to have a sense of completion, as a cliffhanger would have left open wounds that probably would have never been healed. Season 3's ending is a healthy compromise that paid the fans back for their investment.

Ahead of the finale, Code Black's creator revealed that he had written Season 3 as the conclusion to the series. With that finality in mind, time will tell if it is actually the end for the series. Stranger things have happened on television this year, with multiple shows finding new homes. Whether CBS' medical drama can do the same is up to the streaming platforms.

For more Code Black, you can check out director and doctor, Ryan McGarry's documentary of the same name, which the show was inspired by. The doc is currently available to stream on Netflix. For new television shows coming soon, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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