Lucifer Showrunners Talk About Getting A Little More Uncensored On Netflix

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After a hard-fought battle to revive the cancelled Fox series, Lucifer will be back, up and running on Netflix for its fourth season. As many know, that change means the supernatural drama making its way from network television to a streaming platform, and those rules and regulations are far more lenient when it comes to edgy content. In other words, they show the stuff network television does not. So, how are Lucifer's showrunners planning to handle this newfound freedom? Here's what co-showrunner Joe Henderson had to say:

Our blood can be a little more real, our horror can be a little more horror-y. It will all stay within the language of the show, but we're definitely going to embrace the little things like that that I think make a big difference.

So, expect Lucifer to get a little more realistic with its bloodletting. Joe Henderson explained his strategy for handling the show's violent side to TV Line. It is a plan that could be a relief to fans, who would likely want Lucifer to not go over the top with its new freedom. Given the show's subject matter, it is one of the transitions where an uptick in certain things would not feel out of place, or excessive for the sake of excess.

Earlier this June, Netflix answered the call of fans asking the streaming service to bring the show back to life. The move not only gave Lucifer another lease on life, but on a platform that could help the show push beyond the limitations network television puts on its content. During its first two seasons, Lucifer aired during Fox's 9 p.m. ET time slot. In Season 3, it aired during the, even more traditionally tamer, 8 o'clock hour. Season 4 will be free of such restraints.

Lucifer's showrunners have already shared some details about the series' fourth season, including its episode count and episodic duration. Fans can expect ten episodes at their usual network length of roughly 43 minutes. Now, the showrunners are opening up about some of the ways network restraints had come into play regarding the show's earlier seasons. Here is what Lucifer's co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich had to say about Lucifer and nudity:

We didn't want to see anything crazy, but we wanted to see the 'back' of him. After all, everybody has a butt. He's got a wonderful, wonderful booty, so why not show it? But we couldn't. We also had to get reflections out of the piano... we had to do all kinds of things that seemed excessive to me.

It is an issue Lucifer is no longer expected to face. According to Ildy Modrovich, the content changes will not be so progressive that she will not feel like she cannot continue watching the show with her pre-teen daughter. All of which should be good news for fans who want to still feel comfortable continuing to watch with non-adult members of their family. These all sound like subtle changes that should in no way alter the show's network legacy, but, rather subtly build upon it.

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