The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer Reveals The Whisperers And Big Trouble For Rick

With the All Out War now an event of the increasingly distant past, The Walking Dead is heading into Season 9 with a renewed vigor and sense of setting, with the timeline jumping forward to a point where civilization has once again become a reality. And during the AMC hit's San Diego Comic-Con panel, fans got their first big glimpse of the new world that lies ahead. And while it still doesn't look like the most comfortable way to survive, it is a hell of a lot better than any kind of life in Negan's shadow. Check the trailer out below!

The trailer points toward The Walking Dead delivering some twists that fans have been crossing their fingers for during the last several years, hoping that the divergences from the comic stories (include Carl's death and Rick's looming departure) wouldn't mean all the big comic elements would be absent. Well, we now know that the Whisperers are on the way, which means epic new villains and a possible dark, dark fate for good old Rick. Could our theory about Rick come true?

Rick could be in trouble due to a lot more than the Whisperers. As expected, not everybody is happy with Rick after his actions in the Season 8 finale, and the new footage points toward Negan and perhaps Michonne having an idea that not everything is as peachy for Rick as he believes. The trailer already seems to be setting the stage for Daryl to take a larger part in the zombie apocalypse action. He can be heard reflecting on the days from earlier in the series, back when the group was smaller, on the run, and seemingly capable of anything. He's not too happy about how things have changed in the years since.

Daryl and Rick do seem to kinda sorta still be bros in the trailer, which either points toward Daryl becoming a much better actor during the time jump or Daryl being somewhat conflicted about betraying Rick. That said, things will clearly begin to break down between them despite the shot of them riding Daryl's motorcycle together. Daryl seems to have gotten even more deadly during the time jump -- feel free to watch the trailer again just to re-experience him take out the zombie with a spear -- and Rick could be in a lot of trouble if he's stuck between a pissed off Daryl out of control and the Whisperers. The first half of the new season could be a stressful and intense time for fans.

One particularly noteworthy visual of the trailer not involving the Whisperers or characters plotting against Rick was the signs made for the various communities. We have Alexandria, the Sanctuary, Oceanside, Toledo, and HQ. I would think that HQ would be the Hilltop -- possibly what the H stands for? -- but I suppose the Kingdom could have been rebuilt and renamed. Headquarters, Hilltop, or Hilltop as Headquarters? We'll have to wait and see.

Honestly, I'm just happy that the trailer finally answered the question of what was up with Maggie's seemingly endless pregnancy. Although only a small amount of time passed in-universe, fans watched a pregnant Maggie for years without Lauren Cohan donning a pregnancy pad. The footage of Maggie with a baby indicates that Maggie had the baby just fine during the time jump. Finally, something has gone right for Maggie! Will the baby play a part in why we'll see less of Maggie in Season 9?

The Walking Dead will find its way back to fans for the world-expanding Season 9 on Sunday nights this October, beginning with the big premiere on October 7. You'd better start getting ready for a lot of exciting news in the coming weeks. While waiting to hear the next big announcement, head to our summer premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows will be popping up next. A new and surprising Fear the Walking Dead trailer has released as well, and you can check it out here!

Laura Hurley
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