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Bill Gates’ Big Bang Theory Cameo Was Based Off A Real Event

Bill Gates The Big Bang Theory

Comic-Con is full of cool new footage, fun clips for the fans and, of course, moments with the stars of our favorite TV shows and movies. For years now, The Big Bang Theory panel has brought its writers to Comic-Con, allowing them to answer questions about the characters, plots, and more. For this year's appearance ahead of Season 12, The Big Bang Theory writer Tara Hernandez revealed that the excellent guest appearance from Bill Gates during Season 11 of the CBS comedy was actually based on a celebrity encounter she herself had with none other than Donny Osmond. Per Hernandez:

So, you guys saw in the clip package when Leonard sees Bill Gates he just bursts into tears on him. So that had come from an experience I had a couple--let's say a lot--of years ago. I was in an airport and I see Donnie Osmond. I get this moment of confidence, where I'm like, 'I'm just gonna talk to him.' I'm gonna play it cool [like] I'm a big fan. So I walk over there and I get out, 'Mr. Osmond?' [Starts sobbing] Just like grown woman tears. Just sobbed all over him. And he just was the nicest. He was so sweet about it.

The clip in question is one from Season 11 in which Leonard gets to meet Bill Gates. Sure,the cast has met plenty of tech and pop culture icons during the show's time on the air. However, in this particular instance, Leonard cannot totally control himself around Bill Gates. Tara Hernandez revealed at Comic-Con 2018 that the writing staff conceived of the guest appearance after she told her own story of sobbing in an airport when she was able to meet singer, actor and variety show host Donny Osmond. The end result played out almost exactly the same way between Leonard and Bill Gates on The Big Bang Theory. If you missed the episode, you can take a look at the clip, below.

Tara Hernandez talked about how San Diego Comic-Con and other cons are one of the few ways that fans are able to actually interact with icons in real life. She went on to mention that she hoped everyone was able to meet their heroes at Comic-Con, also bringing in a comedic moment about tissues that also ties into the clip. Per the writer,

So, hopefully all you guys get to meet people you're really excited about [at Comic-Con]. My advice is, 'Bring your own tissues.'

The Big Bang Theory panel this year brought in a slew of writers, along with guest star Jerry O'Connell and series cast members Kunal Nayyar and Mayim Bialik. Everyone seemed to be having a great time onstage and revealed a lot about Season 11 coming together, as well as what is to come in the future. So take a look at our other coverage, or tune in when The Big Bang Theory returns for Season 12 on September 24, 2018.

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