Mayim Bialik Explains How The Big Bang Theory Chose That Wedding Dress

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Mayim Bialik has opened up a lot about what was going on behind the scenes on the road to Amy and Sheldon's wedding on The Big Bang Theory, and the actress once again fielded questions about the process at San Diego Comic Con. CinemaBlend was on hand during the show's big panel when Bialik explained how they ended up deciding on that particular wedding dress:

All the particular thought that went into it in the part of all of these wonderful people, Kunal excluded... In terms of being what the dress should look like, when I went for the fitting --for our first wedding dress fitting -- Mary Quigley basically said, 'Here are some ideas. Let's just try on a bunch of different dresses.' So, we actually had an episode where I was trying on different dresses and we got to see a little more of my body than we ended up showing with the wedding dress. But I think that the idea was we wanted this character to get to really have a dress that embodied both of her dreams and all of her wishes. And why pick one dream or wish when you can put both into one dress? You know there was a capelet and like a cape skirt and also gloves, but don't forget the tiara. It was like every single thing you could possibly want and she chose them all.

Mayim Bialik explained that the goal was to find a dress that her beloved character would "love," which turned out to be quite a process that meant trying on a lot of different dresses, which was an experience Bialik admittedly wasn't big on in her personal life, although she made peace with it for the good of her character. Eventually, the team found a winner in a dress that featured an Amy-approved excessive amount of accessories, and her Big Bang odd wedding dress was officially born.

The dress was perfectly offbeat, but at the same time normal enough that Amy wouldn't look outwardly ridiculous during The Big Bang Theory wedding episode. Showrunner Steve Holland explained the importance of striking that balance, and how the show benefitted from it.

The first episode when you try it on and the girls don't like it, we wanted to have a dress that was outrageous enough that they could believably not like it and not seem like monsters, and we were a little worried that if the dress was that silly looking would it be silly at the wedding. We didn't want [Mayim] to look silly at the wedding! I remember talking to you about it and you were like, 'You know what, if Amy loves this wedding dress, it's not goofy. If Amy's happy with this dress and she loves it, I promise it's not going to look silly.'

Mayim Bialik said she appreciated the care The Big Bang Theory team took in the wedding dress selection, and added that her sensitivity about Amy's appearance in the dress was something she discussed with fellow co-star Jim Parsons. The duo took extra care in performing when Sheldon likens his soon-to-be-wife to a pack of swans, in an effort to give the line dual meaning for fans. Both wanted to do justice to the writer's lines as they were written, but at the same time they wanted the line to be powerful and believable in the regard that Sheldon is actually giving Amy a compliment. And we're sure there will be many more of Sheldon's quirky niceties to come in the future.

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