Teri Hatcher Dressed As Lois Lane For Comic-Con And It Was Magical

Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain have both been teasing things about their revered superhero series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in recent months, but Hatcher recently took things to the next level. The actress was out on the convention floor at San Diego Comic-Con in full Lois Lane garb, and it was truly a magical sight to behold:

Teri Hatcher gave us a glimpse at what a, hypothetically rebooted, Lois from Lois & Clark would look like now, and we're here for it. Hatcher's updated Lois look is modernized to fit the 2018 style, but even with the clothing and hair updates, it's not hard to see the character fans know and love still in there. That seemed to be the general consensus anyway, as Superman-dressed fans in Hatcher's full video geeked out while she did her best to interview them.

Teri Hatcher was certainly bold for entering the Comic-Con exhibit hall the way she did, as most other celebrities try to stay far away from that area. Those that do venture in dress up as characters to mask their identity, which Hatcher did the exact opposite of by dressing up as Lois Lane. To be honest, it's a wonder she wasn't pestered by the masses more than the video showed, which may be a testament to the fact that folks are getting more respectful of celebrities out in public. Either that, or she had some incredibly intimidating security surrounding her that ensured no one got too close without her letting them.

Unfortunately, this isn't some grassroots effort by Teri Hatcher to get Superman fans behind a Lois & Clark reboot. Instead, the video is a collaboration with Nerdist, which sent Hatcher to San Diego Comic-Con in an effort to promote her YouTube channel Hatching Change. Hatcher, who mentioned in another video that SDCC 2018 was only the second convention for fans she's ever attended, appeared to have a good enough time that she may consider a return trip next year. The real shame of all of this is that Lois & Clark had the 25th anniversary of the show's premiere this year, and no one thought to snatch her from the exhibit hall and put on an impromptu panel celebrating that milestone.

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