Outlander Season 4 Reveals What Stephen Bonnet Will Look Like

Of all of the Outlander villains, Stephen Bonnet is among the most dastardly, and mostly because he's a slippery fellow. He pops in and out of Diana Gabaldon's fiction, owning the scenes he is in through a totally wild worldview and a smarmy but often-charming persona. He's also a man who takes what he wants, and while we don't see Stephen Bonnet doing anything overly horrifying in the first look at Outlander Season 4, we do get the first glimpses of Ed Speleers as the major fictional character.

stephen bonnet in outlander season 4

Not too shabby at first glance, am I right? Ed Speleers looks almost unrecognizable as the pirate and ruthless smuggler. The former Downton Abbey actor used to wear a suit and have a shorn and carefully arranged hairdo for the Julian Fellowes series; his look is a far cry from that here. Instead, he has long hair, a tricorn hat and a noticeable scar running down one side of his face. When Claire and Jaime first meet him, he should be in a bit of a predicament, escaping the hanging noose. That is, if the Starz series doesn't change up his storyline for the show.

Again, this dude is a far cry from the dashing young footman, James Kent, he played for a time on Downton Abbey. You may also recognize the actor from Eragon, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Wolf Hall, or Agatha Christie's: Partners In Crime.

ed speleers in downton abbey

Stephen Bonnet came up in the first trailer for Outlander Season 4, which had the young man warning Jaime and Claire about the uncouth people traveling in the woods. It's a warning about himself, as well. The first look at Season 4 also showed us Jocasta Cameron, Jaime's relative in North Carolina. You can see more, below.

All in all, the new season of Outlander looks to be a great adventure, with the cast heading to the colonies for the first time. In addition, the early look at the season will show Claire finding evidence of another time traveler with silver fillings in his teeth. It's been a long wait for the new season. Outlander Season 3 aired way back in September of 2017 and the new episodes will not hit the schedule until November of 2018. Technically, that's not as much of a Droughtlander as we've been used to, but I'm sure fans are champing at the bit for new episodes. (I know I am.) We'll let you know if any more footage is released by Starz in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take a look at what else is headed to TV this fall with our full schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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