Downton Abbey Creator Julian Fellowes Has A New Netflix Show On The Way

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes has a new Netflix series
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Julian Fellowes is trading in the lavish costumes of Downton Abbey for soccer uniforms. Yes, you read that correctly. Netflix has announced that Fellowes will be the writer behind a new series that chronicles the rise of the British version of soccer (known as football in the UK). Here is what we know about the sports series so far.

Deadline reported news of the project, which emerged out of Netflix's See What's Next event. At the event, Netflix announced a slew of new programs, and Julian Fellowes' was among those shared. The series is entitled The English Game. The show will go back in time to chronicle the modern beginnings of the popular sport. Not much else is known. The project appears to be in its relative infancy, although we know that Netflix and the production company 42 are coming together to make it happen.

What impact, if any, this will have on Julian Fellowes' upcoming NBC series The Gilded Age remains to be seen. The news that the long-awaited series would finally be produced arrived mere months ago. The early report did not indicate when production on The English Game would begin, or when the series would be released. Nor is there is any news on the characters or potential stars.

We do know The English Game will focus on how the sport transcended class divides. The topic of class division is a topic Fellowes has frequently chronicled in his other series. The Oscar-winning writer is mainly known for his costume dramas, and The English Game should score a goal in that category. Fellowes' screenwriting credits include Reese Witherspoon's vivacious Vanity Fair and the royally enjoyable 2009 biopic The Young Victoria. His most recent film was the Agatha Christie adaptation Crooked House, which is a better film than some might say.

Television has been one of Julian Fellowes' most rewarding fields. Downton Abbey premiered in 2010 and quickly became a pop culture phenomenon around the world. The series gave rise to many of its actors' higher profiles, including Dan Stevens'. During its six seasons, the series hit a few sore spots with fans before coming to a close in 2015. Fans of Fellowes' work will have to wait and see how his new series compares. In the meantime, you can watch Downton Abbey in its entirety on Amazon Prime.

Netflix has not released a premiere date for The English Sport. To find out about the other series set to arrive on Netflix, check out our guide to all of the new and returning shows set to debut on the streaming service via our 2018 Netflix premiere rundown. For more of what is coming up on TV, check out our guide to TV's midseason and summer premieres.

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