Outlander Season 4 Trailer Reveals The New Villain And Another Time Traveler

Outlander is taking the action to a whole new world when it returns for Season 4. Following up on the cliffhanger that saw Jamie and Claire shipwrecked on the shores of Georgia with not a whole lot of material possessions to their names, the plot will take place largely on the American side of the pond. A trailer for the fourth season has hit the web, and it reveals the new villain, another time traveler, and a whole lot of trouble for Jamie and Claire to get into when the new episodes kick off. Take a look!

On first glance, Stephen Bonnet doesn't look all that dastardly as far as bad guys go, and he seems to lack that special dead-behind-the-eyes look that made Black Jack Randall so terrifying to behold. That said, we already know that Bonnet will be worse than Randall ever was on the show, and book readers have a good idea of why Claire and Co. will want to keep an eye on him. Does he look strangely like Young Ian and definitely not somebody who would perpetrate what is bound to be a truly traumatizing scene? Absolutely. That could make him all the more chilling and iconic of a villain. I'm already nervous about what he's going to bring to the show. The Scots (and the sassenach) look like they'll face enough trouble without Bonnet in the mix.

In case you thought the time travel would be over and done with after the death of Geillis and the departure from Abandawe, this trailer proves that you were very wrong. Despite what seem to be Claire and Jamie's earnest attempts to create a life together in North Carolina, time travel continues to follow them around. Claire will discover a skull, and that skull will have silver fillings in its teeth. That level of dentistry is still a century off, and it's enough to clue Claire in that she's not the only person who traversed North Carolina in the wrong timeline.

A later scene shows what appears to be a group of Native Americans in a ritual dance around an arrangement of stones, in footage awfully reminiscent of the Scottish women dancing around the standing stones at Craigh na Dun. We can add another to the list of time portals in Outlander. Unfortunately for whoever did the time traveling this time around, they died before they could tell their story to Claire and Jamie. The identity of this time traveler is a mystery, and hopefully one we can count on Outlander solving in the fourth season.

Also making an appearance is Jocasta, who will have a large part to play in the series, and book readers will undoubtedly recognize a number of the scenes as coming straight out of the pages of Drums of Autumn. And, as this is Outlander, we can count on some steamy love scenes. My only disappointment is that Murtagh doesn't appear in the trailer. Season 3 spared Murtagh his fate from the books and sent him off to the American colonies rather than killing him at Culloden, and I've been hoping against hope that he'll pop up once Jamie and his family take up residence in North Carolina. It's still possible, and my fingers are tightly crossed.

Outlander will return for Season 4 in November. If that feels like too long of a wait, swing by our fall TV premiere schedule for some viewing options in the meantime. Outlander scored a big renewal not so long ago, so we don't have to worry that it will be cancelled at the end of Season 4. All things considered, there's a lot to look forward to on the small screen in the coming months.

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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