Grey's Anatomy Just Cast A Hunky New Doc For Season 15

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Grey's Anatomy made headlines as Season 14 wound down for writing out longtime regulars Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw. The Season 14 finale gave them happy reasons to depart, but many fans were focused on how the show would recover from their absences. One former star signed back on as a regular, and we now know of another addition to the cast. Chris Carmack of Nashville fame is on board to mix things up as a new doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The staff is about to get a whole lot hunkier!

Chris Carmack is bringing his talents (and his cheekbones) to ABC to work as a recurring actor on Grey's Anatomy. Although the name of his character is not yet available, it's already evident that he'll mix things up when he enters the scene. TVLine reports that Carmack's character will be an "ortho god," which makes it pretty clear that he'll be an orthopedic surgeon.

The new character could be the most memorable ortho doc on Grey's Anatomy since Callie Torres, although we can be confident that his similarities to Callie will be limited. They may both be ortho gods who know how to operate on bones, but I doubt this new character will be a Callie 2.0. By the look of him, he could be enough of a hit with the ladies of the hospital that he earns himself a nickname. McBony, anybody?

Whatever happens with the character, the Ortho God will probably be a big departure form Chris Carmack's most recent role. Carmack just completed a six-season run on Nashville. That show came to an emotional end on CMT earlier in July, and Carmack hung up the guitar as Will. Nashville fans already missing Carmack as Will didn't have to wait long for news of where they could find him next.

Interestingly, his Grey's Anatomy casting will take him back to ABC for the first time since the Alphabet Network cancelled Nashville back in 2016, resulting in the move to CMT for the final two seasons. Carmack clearly doesn't hold a grudge against ABC that would keep him from returning. That said, a recurring role on Grey's Anatomy is a sweet gig. What actor whose show just ended wouldn't be happy to don the scrubs and surgical cap?

We can only speculate about the Ortho God at this point, but I'm guessing he'll end up as somebody's love interest. Thanks to the Season 14 cliffhanger and one of those finale weddings, there are at least a couple of ladies who are presumably off the market. Personally, I'm wondering if Chris Carmack's character is a newcomer to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital or if Season 15 will simply reveal that he's been around and off-screen for a while now. Only time will tell.

Grey's Anatomy will return to Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC this fall. Swing by ABC's full fall schedule for more information, and be sure to take a peek at our fall TV guide.

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