Some Grey’s Anatomy Fans Are Still Sad Patrick Dempsey Isn’t With Ellen Pompeo

Meredith and Derek

There are long running TV dramas, and then there's Grey's Anatomy. ABC's massively popular medical drama is currently gearing up for its whopping 15th season on the air, and is showing no signs of slowing down. The main factor behind the continued success of Grey's lies in its title character Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo. Pompeo, who is also a producer on the show, has played Meredith in many stages of her life, although the heart of the character relates to her relationship with Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd. McDreamy and Meredith's romance is one of TV's most epic love stories, and fans are still committed to the post-it couple. In fact, some fans are even pissed that the actors aren't together IRL.

The fandom's continued obsession with MerDer was highlighted when actor Patrick Dempsey recently posted a photo with his wife on his personal Instagram. When Ellen Pompeo commented wishing the couple the best, Grey's fans lost their minds. After all, he should be with Meredith... regardless of life, death, or reality. You can check out Dempsey's post below, and enjoy scrolling through the comments section.

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McDreamy's still got it, it's just no longer with Meredith Grey. Patrick Dempsey's photo with his wife Jillian Dempsey is thoroughly adorable, but Grey's Anatomy has programmed the fandom into believing that Derek and Meredith represent true love. As such, seeing the Grey's alum kissing another lady is just too much of a gut punch.

The comments on Patrick Dempsey's Instagram post are pretty wild, as plenty of fans took umbrage with his smooch with real life wife Jillian Dempsey. Some of the best comments include surprised reactions like:

What happened to "pick me, choose me, love me" huh....@ellenpompeo & @patrickdempsey

This comment throw some classic Grey's Anatomy dialogue into the mix, helping to really twist the knife in the heart of the fandom. Meredith's monologue asking Derek to chose her over Kate Walsh's Addison is one of the most iconic scenes in Grey's history, and showed how truly in love Meredith was with her future husband. And while he originally chooses Addison, the two eventually get together and have a life together until his untimely death.

Plenty of Grey's Anatomy fans voiced their discomfort with Patrick Dempsey's real life wife, and the photo he shared on their anniversary. The comments are at varying levels of dramatic, ranging from f-bombs to sweet fan message. One such message was able to rationalize how their feelings were misplaced when seeing Derek with another girl... but that didn't stop them from happening.

Watching Grey's Anatomy and then seeing you with other girls is so upsetting. I get too into shows.

While Derek Shepherd was killed off back in Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy, his death is still felt today. Meredith has yet to find another serious romantic partner, time and time again claiming that Derek was her one true love. His death also continues to affect his sister Amelia, who has troubles of her own.

Grey's Anatomy will return to ABC this fall. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch. Plus our Amazon premiere list and superhero premiere list to ensure you don't miss a single episode of your favorite show.

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