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Bane Tom Hardy The Dark Knight Rises

Gotham might not have as many episodes as prior seasons to wrap up its series, but that apparently won't stop it from introducing one of Batman's biggest villains. The titles for seven of the first eight episodes have been revealed (with Episode 7 currently listed as TBA), and it looks pretty clear the show fully intends on going all in on the iconic villain Bane. This is especially apparent in the eighth episode of Season 5, which leaves nothing to the imagination with the title "I Am Bane."

Gotham's Episode 8 title is a pretty blatant reveal. While exactly how the show decides to introduce the super-strength supervillain may still be a mystery, it seems clear that Bane will be making an appearance in Season 5. One thing that does seem sure is that prison will be involved in some way, as Episode 5's title, "Pena Dura," sounds very similar to the infamous Batman-universe prison Peña Duro. For those who don't remember or may not be up on their Batman lore, Peña Duro is the prison Bane was born in. The experience would harden and sharpen the skills of the villain to a level similar to that of Batman, making him one of the most dangerous adversaries the hero's ever faced.

Gotham has a knack for putting its own twist on classic Batman villains, so we can't say for certain Bane's origins will necessarily be connected to the prison. What we can assume is that the casting rumors for Bane's father Eduardo Dorrance are realistic and that the age range of that character makes it possible that Gotham's Bane will be around the same age as Bruce. This could further be confirmed by Spoiler TV's reveal of the title "I Am Bane," as it would make little sense for Gotham to air an episode origin story well before the villain is ready to take up his mantle. Then again, if ever there was a Batman show that would feature a child version of Bane, Gotham would be it.

Bane's appearance is just one of the stories Gotham is planning for Season 5, and it might have some wondering how the show plans to wrap things up for fans by the end of the show. Well, at this point it's fair to say they aren't, which makes sense considering Bruce's work as Batman will have only just begun. Let's just hope the young hero learns fast, as the present state of Gotham city doesn't look sustainable enough for a young Batman to make a lot of mistakes.

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