Gotham's Bringing Two New Gangs To Season 5, But Who Are They?

The Season 4 finale of Gotham turned the show upside down when the alliance between Jeremiah Valeska and Ra's al Ghul resulted in the bridges from Gotham City tumbling down, turning the city into a no man's land ready to be overrun by criminals. Some of the existing baddies were already seen setting up shop in the new Gotham, and the final moments of the finale teased the introductions of some brand new villains, including Man-Bat. Now, photos courtesy of Gotham producer Danny Cannon indicate that viewers are in for two new gangs of bad guys in the fifth (and final) season. Take a look at the first!

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I'm not sure who these characters are, but the looks on their faces tell me that I wouldn't exactly want to meet them in an alley on a dark night even if this wasn't Gotham we were talking about! The men aren't actually holding any weapons, and the guy on the far left seems to be holding a phone that looks very high-tech for the out-of-time Gotham, which is either a sign that no man's land will see the criminals with some new tech or that the actor happened to be holding his phone for this behind-the-scenes pic. That particular guy also seems to have a sheathed and very big knife on his belt.

These not-so-gentle men certainly wouldn't be out of place in a no man's land. Their leather clothes appear worse-for-the-wear, and none of them look like they're showering on a regular basis. A big question now is who these men are, why they came together, and what they want. Danny Cannon didn't include a caption on his Instagram post to give any clues, so we may have to wait and speculate until a Season 5 trailer releases. If Gotham throws the real Joker in on top of the gang action, Jim Gordon and Co. may come to wish they'd escaped the city.

The second gang photo shared by Danny Cannon is even creepier:

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Well, if the leather-clad gang menacing the camera weren't unnerving enough for you as we wait for Gotham to return, perhaps these guys in bird masks and what look oddly like slaughterhouse aprons might do the trick. We'll probably have to wait until Season 5 to learn if their bird masks make them part of Penguin's crew or followers of the Court of Owls or just a bunch of random guys who decided to wear masks to freak out the folks left behind in the no man's land.

These men have more visible weapons, with a knife in the guy on the far left's pocket, and he looks like he could do some damage with that chain. The bird in the front is wielding that bar like he's just waiting to club somebody with it, and he appears to be wearing a sash of shotgun shells. Sign me up for staying out of their way! The folks who didn't die or get maimed in the Season 4 finale could be in for a lot of trouble in Season 5. They may need Batman sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, Season 5 will run for fewer episodes than usual and not hit the airwaves until 2019. Our fall TV guide can help you figure out some viewing options in the not-too-distant future.

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