Gotham May Introduce Bane's Father In Season 5

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Gotham's fifth and final season will have fewer episodes than those that came before, but fans can probably expect to see more mind-boggling insanity than ever packed into them. If a certain rumor is to be believed, we might get introduced to the family tree for one of Batman's most iconic villains, with Bane's father potentially being brought into the mix for Season 5 to coincide with the Dark Knight's official arrival. Dust off those Tom Hardy impressions.

It appears that Gotham is currently in the process of casting a character whose name is listed as Eduardo Dorrance. Comic fans know that sounds extremely similar to Bane's paternal figure Edmund Dorrance, although it's obviously possible that Gotham's casting department used a false name for the casting notice. However, they usually go with a name that doesn't sound like anyone from the comics, in order to keep everyone off of the scent.

According to The Hashtag Show, Eduardo Dorrance would be a recurring guest star role, arriving in the middle of the season and getting three episodes in total. The character is described as well-fit warrior, with a ceaseless commitment to following the orders of whoever is taking charge. And his loyalty knows no bounds, with Dorrance having zero tolerance for betrayal at any level. Gotham is looking for an actor in the mid 30s to early 40s age range, with no specific ethnicity being sought out.

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Before he became known for fathering the beast that broke the Bat in the comics, Edmund Dorrance was a member of the British Army's Royal Artillery and later became a mercenary. On a mission in Santa Prisca, Dorrance slept with a local rebel that he later left for dead after his camp got raided; that woman actually survived the attack, though she was thrown into jail for Dorrance's crimes against the government. It was while in prison that she gave birth to Bane. Dorrance soon left for Hong Kong, and later took on the villainous moniker King Snake and amassed a small army of soldiers dedicated to his causes. No sign yet if we'll get to see King Snake proper in live-action.

Bane himself had previously been rumored to show up on Gotham at some point, though nothing ever came of it. Considering the show's prequelized timeline, bringing the father in makes a certain amount of sense, even though we've already seen plenty from Batman's rogues gallery getting officially introduced. Hopefully Eduardo Dorrance's presence doesn't preclude the Venom-fueled villain's arrival before the season's end. There's also the chance that Eduardo is Bane himself, but since Bane was more of a leader than a follower, the description doesn't quite nail it.

Will Eduardo Dorrance get invested in any of the new groups coming to Gotham in Season 5, or will his loyalty be needed elsewhere? Find out when new episodes hit Fox in early 2019. In the meantime, though, head to our fall premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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