In its previous four seasons, The Flash has done a fantastic job of incorporating classic DC villains from the hero's comic book history. While it's possible the show may have jumped the peak-level shark with the way The Fiddler entered the Arrow-verse, we still think The Flash is completely capable of bringing in some equally fun and wacky new villains to future seasons -- with the latest casting proving that point -- as well as more serious antagonists. We've rounded up our best suggestions for future Team Flash conflicts in future episodes, so join us in breaking down the 6 comic villains we'd still like to see on _The Flash. _


Batman has The Joker, and The Flash has Clown, though it might be a little unfair to compare the two, considering Joker is a deranged psychopath whose colorful features are more or less an unfortunate circumstance. Clown, meanwhile, is a literal circus clown named Lyle Corley, who pulled a reverse Dick Grayson and became a villain after his circus family was killed in a tragic accident. Corley blamed The Flash and others for the incident, and then attempted to have the entire gang killed as his vengeance. The tale is the perfect mix of tragedy and comedy that frequent Flash director Kevin Smith would be great for, and his revenge plot could dovetail nicely with that of Season 5 big bad Cicada. Perhaps the Arrow-verse Clown can become something other than just the laughing stock that some might remember him as.


When the Arrow-verse introduces Gotham City this year, Batwoman may not be the only costumed resident showing up, and there's a decent enough chance for more Batman villains to seep out into The CW's shows. The Riddler would perhaps be the best candidate for The Flash, since the villain nearly defeated Barry Allen and brought Central City's citizens to their knees in the comics. Bringing Riddler into The Flash would make for a perfect excuse to work new Batwoman Ruby Rose into a later crossover event, and would continue the show's current streak of creating intimidating major villain storylines that don't solely require Barry's speed to win. Plus, it'd give The CW an excuse to scoop up actor Cory Michael Smith to reprise the villainous role post-Gotham, which we're sure more than a few fans would like to see.

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