The Flash: 6 Comic Book Villains We'd Still Like To See On The Show

In its previous four seasons, The Flash has done a fantastic job of incorporating classic DC villains from the hero's comic book history. While it's possible the show may have jumped the peak-level shark with the way The Fiddler entered the Arrow-verse, we still think The Flash is completely capable of bringing in some equally fun and wacky new villains to future seasons -- with the latest casting proving that point -- as well as more serious antagonists. We've rounded up our best suggestions for future Team Flash conflicts in future episodes, so join us in breaking down the 6 comic villains we'd still like to see on _The Flash. _

Clown The Flash DC Comics


Batman has The Joker, and The Flash has Clown, though it might be a little unfair to compare the two, considering Joker is a deranged psychopath whose colorful features are more or less an unfortunate circumstance. Clown, meanwhile, is a literal circus clown named Lyle Corley, who pulled a reverse Dick Grayson and became a villain after his circus family was killed in a tragic accident. Corley blamed The Flash and others for the incident, and then attempted to have the entire gang killed as his vengeance. The tale is the perfect mix of tragedy and comedy that frequent Flash director Kevin Smith would be great for, and his revenge plot could dovetail nicely with that of Season 5 big bad Cicada. Perhaps the Arrow-verse Clown can become something other than just the laughing stock that some might remember him as.

The Riddler Dc Comics


When the Arrow-verse introduces Gotham City this year, Batwoman may not be the only costumed resident showing up, and there's a decent enough chance for more Batman villains to seep out into The CW's shows. The Riddler would perhaps be the best candidate for The Flash, since the villain nearly defeated Barry Allen and brought Central City's citizens to their knees in the comics. Bringing Riddler into The Flash would make for a perfect excuse to work new Batwoman Ruby Rose into a later crossover event, and would continue the show's current streak of creating intimidating major villain storylines that don't solely require Barry's speed to win. Plus, it'd give The CW an excuse to scoop up actor Cory Michael Smith to reprise the villainous role post-Gotham, which we're sure more than a few fans would like to see.

Godspeed DC Comics


The Flash mostly wore out its speedster big bad arcs in the first three seasons, and while many are happy they got away from that in Season 4, others are still hoping the devious Godspeed will get to make an appearance or two on the show. Unfortunately, a lot of what made Godspeed so formidable was that he killed speedsters and took their quick-footed abilities, which fans already saw during Zoom's heyday in Season 2. Of course, The Flash's creative team could always find new ways to flash out August Heart's non-heroic turn, if only to bring in that sleek white and gold costume, since it's far and away the best knockoff Flash costume a speedster has ever worn.

Cobalt Blue DC Comics

Cobalt Blue

Did you know Barry Allen had/has a twin brother? If you didn't, you're not alone, as not even the Allen family was aware of it in the comics. In trying to cover up the death of another couple's infant, a drunken doctor took Barry's sibling as a replacement and lied to the Allens about it being stillborn. That other couple happened to be the infamous Thawne family, who raised young Malcolm so corruptly that he came to resent Barry for having a better life. Malcolm took a job at the CCPD and eventually channeled his hatred into a talisman that granted him the power of blue flame. Cobalt Blue has been a villain that Flash fans have clamored to see on the show for a while, with some suggesting Eddie Thawne be brought back to portray him. I'm not sure The Flash will pull off a "twinsie Barrys" storyline again after Season 3's Savitar, although I'd definitely like to see them try.

Eradicator DC Comics


The Eradicator has perhaps the most intense metahuman ability ever seen in The Flash comics, and can kill others with his "necrotic touch" that basically turns people to goo. But the above picture shouldn't fool anyone into thinking anything too dour, since The Eradicator was technically a "good" vigilante on the page. Originally a state senator named Creed Phillips, the tough-on-crime character was later transformed into his more powerful persona after a bunch of criminals kidnapped him and left him for dead in close proximity to radioactive plutonium, which gave Phillips his people-poofing powers. But, it also gave him a second and more destructive personality that his less evil side was unaware of, making his powers all the more dangerous. That's the kind of twisty plot mechanic that creates the mysteries The Flash fans thrive on figuring out, thus making Eradicator strangely perfect for a future TV storyline.

Colonel Computron DC Comics

Colonel Computron

Straight away, I know Colonel Computron looks ridiculous and would almost certainly need one of those patented Arrow-verse reworks to fit the style of The Flash, but his story arc certainly has dramatic potential. In the comics, Basil Nurblin was a disgruntled game developer who, after receiving his company's insulting raise for creating a massively successful game, invents a gun that transports people into his game. Nurblin dressed as the game's character and attempted to blast his boss, but The Flash took the bullet instead, and found himself trapped inside the game. Imagine a one-off episode where Barry gets trapped inside a Battle Royale style game like Fortnite, or a surreal Mario-esque platformer, and has to win it all to exit the game. With the right director, you can't tell me that wouldn't be one of the best Flash episodes to date.

The Flash returns to The CW for Season 5 on Tuesday, October 9, at 8:00 p.m. ET. It's just one of the many great shows returning to television soon, so be sure to check out our summer and fall premiere guides to keep track of all that's coming and going.

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