It's Always Sunny Spoofs Paranormal Activity In Creepy Season 13 Trailer

Some shady things have happened in Paddy's Pub over the years, although we're not sure anything quite this supernaturally shady has happened. A new trailer has been released for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13, and it channels the found-footage franchise Paranormal Activity as a potentially different type of "spirit," is caught on camera while the gang drinks their night away. Check it out!

Lights are flickering, stools are scooting, and drinks are sliding across the bar, but the gang doesn't appear all that aware of the creepy goings-on in Paddy's Pub. That's not all that surprising, as It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has often featured the gang too wrapped up in their own schemes and problems to recognize what's going on in the world around them. Things get a little more creepy when an axe murderer pops into the frame, but even that frightfest isn't enough to capture the attention of anyone in the group, as Mac, Charlie, and Dee seem far more concerned with what it's like to look through Frank's glasses.

It's worth mentioning this is not the first time this axe-wielding mystery dude has appeared in advertising for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The show's Twitter account posted a picture of the gang running from this guy in a poster for Season 13, in what may have been a creative way of connecting the film Friday The 13th to Season 13:

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia didn't appear to feature either a horror-themed episode or this axe murderer in its first Season 13 trailer, so it's still entirely possible this teaser is mainly a marketing tactic to play on this being the show's thirteenth season. There's a more interesting theory that was proposed when the poster was first released, however, and many speculated the killer is actually the supposedly absent Dennis Reynolds. Kaitlin Olsen confirmed Dennis has a role to play in the upcoming episodes, but the cast as a whole has been rather cryptic about how he would appear in Season 13.

It's hard to say whether actor Glenn Howerton is hiding behind that mask in the latest teaser, although the killer looks to be the same height and size, even if he's not popping his shirt off at a moment's notice. Could Dennis be back to exact revenge for some unknown sleight? Recent seasons of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia have proven no plot is too weird for these characters, although we're struggling to find a reason why Dennis would want to kill everybody. It's certainly not in line with the D.E.N.N.I.S. system, that's for sure!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia kicks off Season 13 on FXX Wednesday, September 5, at 10:00 p.m. ET. There are lots of other shows coming to television before and after that, so be sure to visit our summer and fall premiere guides to see what's on the way.

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