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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Spoofs 1980s Ski Movies For Hilarious New Trailer

It’s no secret shared between fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that the show is basically good at everything it does, and its comedic glory isn’t just limited to what’s seen and heard onscreen during the episodes, either. The now-FXX comedy has for years been delivering awesome teasers and trailers that make other shows’ promos look like McPoyle cousins. Check out the latest one below, which ushers in nostalgia for ski movies of the 1980s.

I don’t know why watching modern things presented in “shitty VHS” format is so enjoyable, considering I don’t often wish to actually watch classic movies and TV shows in that way. But it’s great, and it transcends explanation. Transcendennis?

I also don’t have much nostalgia for ski movies, as I grew up in the mountain-less South and still live there. The thought of my clumsy ass skiing makes my legs want to spontaneously break. But instead of broken legs, this promo offers up tickled ribs and split sides. And perhaps bruised knees from all the knocking. Even considering everyone in the Gang is a Philly citizen, it takes little imagination to imagine them making their way to the top of a snowy mountain specifically to get into some kind of ridiculous rivalry. I’m also waiting for an episode to take place in a SeaLab of some kind, as well as one set out in space.

I also enjoy any trailer that offers up a poster-worthy image as strange as naked Charlie playing a saxophone in a ski lodge while a woman leans against his leg and looks on. If Charlie can really play the sax, he’s basically a one-(day)man band.


The best part about this video, even better than the awesome font used for the show title, is that it’s not even immediately clear if this is made up of clips from an actual episode visually doctored up, or if it was all produced specifically as a promo. I’m certainly hoping it’s real. As well, spend a few seconds pausing on the screen where the “movie’s” cast and crew are listed, as you’ll see some funny stuff there as well. (Like a Chardee MacDennis namedrop.)

After 9 full months of our lives being worse without any Paddy’s in them, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will return to FXX for Season 11 on Wednesday, January 6, 2016. Make sure you save some ham from your New Year’s dinner, because rum ham all around!

Nick Venable

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