Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto

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All of this has happened before and all of it has happened again. We've got the latest on what's going on in the Big Brother house from the live feeds, including who won Head of Household, who they nominated and who won the Power of Veto. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled!

Here's how the power is shaking out this week...

Head of Household





Won the Veto


Veto used?

Not yet. But probably won't be.

Level 6 continues to dominate. In case you missed yesterday's update, Tyler won Head of Household and nominated Scottie and Haleigh. The feeds were down on Saturday afternoon as the Veto competition was played, and when they returned, Kaycee was seen wearing it. In fact, she even kept it on while she put on a gold face mask...

Kaycee Veto Mask

So Kaycee has the Veto, again. The ceremony doesn't take place until Monday, but in all likelihood, just like last week, she'll opt not to use it, ensuring both Haleigh and Scottie are on the block on Thursday night. And as of right now, it seems like most of the house is leaning toward re-evicting Scottie, rendering the whole Battle Back twist completely pointless. But let's face it, we never thought it was going to amount to much in the first place. Foutte was far too depleted for one returner to have much of a chance to turn the tides against Level 6.

In other news, Scottie has been dropping little tidbits about what's happening at the jury house, one of which was the reveal to Haleigh that he, Bayleigh and Rockstar made a deal that at some point (when the other side of the house is all that's left in the game), they're going to decide as a group which houseguest they are all agreed should NOT win the game and then vote against that person if they make the Final 2. Haleigh's reaction to this was "That's horrible," after which she kind of nodded at the idea of it.


Let's break this down in case the implication of what Scottie is saying isn't clear. He's not simply saying that the Hive alliance plans to vote as a group. That's somewhat to be expected when big alliances in the house end up on the jury, so I don't really fault the mentality of voting together for a winner. But what Scottie is saying is that he and the rest of the Hive/Foutte alliance (assuming Haleigh and Fessy go along with it) are going to agree to prevent one player from winning and will vote for whoever's next to them in the event they're in the Final 2.

While it's an assumption that whomever that group agrees to vote against will be the better player in whatever Final 2 scenario is happening, there's undoubtedly a note of bitterness to this plan. For one thing, they're not agreeing to vote as a group for a winner, they're agreeing to vote as a group for someone to lose. Who would win as a result is evidently an afterthought. Or at least, less important.

Of course, this is all talk, and it's entirely possible that by the time the finale comes, the plan will be abandoned or enough people will decide not to stick with it. Still, it really doesn't bode well for this season's jury situation if they're already planning on taking a bitter approach to the season's winner.

On the bright(ish) side, word is already getting around about this plan. I think Haleigh told Brett, who told Tyler. If the remaining houseguests are worried that the jury is going to be bitter, they might abandon plans to take someone likable and relatively harmless like Kaycee to the end. As much as I like Kaycee, and as great as she's been performing in competitions recently, she's not among the masterminds of this season. Anyone sitting next to her in the Final 2 could make a good case that they played a better game and did more to get to the end. But if the majority of the jury is hellbent on punishing a finalist for their eviction, then Kaycee is the worst person to have sitting next to most of the remaining houseguests in a Final 2 scenario. If that's the fear players like Brett, Tyler, Angela and JC have as the end of the season approaches, they might decide to roll the dice next to another power player rather than take someone with minimal blood on their hands.

Getting back to what's going on this week, Scottie's information about the jury may be the most relevant aspect of his return, especially if he's sent packing on Thursday night. Of course, there's always the chance Haleigh could go, so we'll see how the rest of the week plays out.

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